Monday, August 31, 2009

It Ain't America No More

I didn't like the pictures that were degrading to Bush. I never once even thought however that they should be outlawed because I understood that if anything was protected under free speech, they were. That's because power seeks to eliminate dissension, and I'd rather them protest than agree to the idea that it could be outlawed.

I don't like the signs of President Obama painted up like the Joker either. I think that conservatives are better than the left, and as such, better than that; no matter how bad our current president is. And I think he is very very bad, and quite frankly, frightening. But again, it has never crossed my mind that they should be outlawed.

This video should scare any red blooded American, even those who have a more favorable opinion of our current president.

H/T Joe Politico


Kathy said...

I don't think this one's gonna be solved by inviting anyone to the White House for a beer. That's scary, crazy, and well, just plain scary! God help us today, tonight, tomorrow!

Susan said...

Thank you Dan for posting this and making us aware. Just one more example of what is taking place in our beloved country.

Scary is right, Kathy and yet we know God will and does have the final say. I hope this gentleman presses this to the max. So glad they got it on tape and making us aware.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The man's sign was unproductive, but the officer's reaction and the non-reaction of the media and the President are very troubling.

Kristi said...


Nancy said...

That is a very unfortunate video. Merely a regular picture of BO would be scary enough! The unfortunate part is that it was taking place on school grounds...Do we really want our children to model defacing photos as a means of protest...? Is that what makes this America? The officers words were extremely unfortunate, and I believe not meant in the way they were portrayed. And sadly, yes...the America we live in today is not the one so many of us grew up in...neither is this world of ours...We are tumbling into the end of the world as we know it and in this tumbling there will be much confusion for us to ponder, but let not your hearts be troubled...our Lord has overcome the world and every scheme that it can produce!

Kathy said...

It's going to become clearer and clearer that Jesus is our only hope.

Steve said...

Unfortunately, I think the officer is right.

At least it is not the America that I once knew.

Stan said...

I'm equally disturbed by the Tempe pastor who preached on "Why I Hate Obama". I see commands to pray for those in charge. I don't see commands to hate them. Not good.

Steve said...

Stan is right.

We are to pray for our leaders...and our enemies (I guess they could be both).

Even as we work to unseat them, or defeat them.

Bryan said...

It has been happening for quite some time, the sound of hammer and chisel against the foundation of this country.

Big Daddy Loafer said...

I called the Reston Police--the "officer" was a school security guard who had all the authority of an usherette. The police had nothing to do with it. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE IMMEDIATELY CLEAR ON YOUR BLOG! As for the racist guard--sue him and the school who hired him. He'll loose his job and perhaps realize this IS America after all. BTW--the poster was inflammatory--but so what?! We do not have the right to NOT be offended. So grow up and deal with it.

Big Daddy Loafer said...

And one more thing--I pray for our leaders too. I pray that God would chasten Obama as if he were His own son--a greater blessing for an unbeliever than we may at first imagine. Think about it.

Mary Lee said...


Dan said...


If the pastor's sermon was seriously about that, I mean not meant to show how he thinks some Christians sound, I would say that it is more disturbing.

Dan said...


Perhaps a school ground is an improper place to hold a meeting that is political in nature. One would think though that school would have been out of session.

Interestingly, "free speech" has been the clarion call for organizations like "free speech coalition" and of course the ACLU. January of this year the first words of a post on the ACLU's official blog proclaim: "Free speech on the Internet is a big winner today. The Supreme Court earlier announced that it will not hear the government’s latest appeal of the ban on enforcement of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), the federal law that would criminalize constitutionally protected speech on the Internet in the name of protecting children."

My take is that when smut, including child porn on the Internet, is considered "free speech", irregardless of what political poster is held up you are right when you say, It's not the America we grew up with.

Joe said...

Historically, school grounds have been considered most exceedingly appropriate places for political rallys of every ilk.

Let's remember that a public place is not necessarily a politically pristine place.

In fact, according to the First Amendment, no place is pristine...all are appropriate for peaceful assembly.

It is true that the "officer" worked for the school board, not the police.

That does not excuse his horrible, anti-American, anti-Constitution behavior.

We are guaranteed the right to be distasteful toward the president or anybody else.

The left certainly did it with pictures of President Bush with a Hitler mustache and swastikas.

Now they cry "foul!" when the right does the same thing.

The "officer" and those who side with him, need a good education.

Dan said...


you must understand that where the left is concerned, they will decide what is pristine and what is not. Remember, their reference point is to be found within, and therefore is subjective to that "within". That is how they can, with a straight face, claim that Bush degrading is good and Obama degrading is bad. Their glazed-over look at any objection is due to the fact that, for them, what is right and wrong does not depend on a universal objective reality, but rather, a personal-feeling based reality. How else can anyone explain the, perhaps hundreds, of instances where they basically claim that A is both A and not A at the same time?

You said: "Let's remember that a public place is not necessarily a politically pristine place."

It is a laughable objection, that because it was a "school"-paid for by the local citizenry no less- that free speech was beyond constitutional protection. How convenient is that? Using special enforcement zone laws to protect government rep.'s from dissention. The truth is that if you don't want drug dealers and politics on school grounds, you should not invite them.

You also said: "The "officer" and those who side with him, need a good education." The fact that the "officer" had no authority to act, and in fact, as he also said, came from above, is actually worse. A man, at the lowest level of enforcement, acting on his own accord is one thing, but a man acting on a higher authority, as far as I'm concerned, is worse.

Gary Baker said...

I work very hard to pray for the President and the rest of our leaders. It's to my own discredit that I have to work so hard for sincerity. As for the main point of the post, I am increasingly concerned about unlawful restrictions on speech spreading. It has been occurring on college campuses for quite some time, and now seems to be spreading. I think that perhaps the greatest danger, aside from constitutional issues, is that as lawful protest is repressed, unlawful means become a lot more attractive.

Susannah said...

As Kathy said, "...Jesus is our only hope." Amen & amen.

Steven Curtis Chapman's music says it very well:

God help us - protect us from false prophets. Give us eyes to see & ears to hear.