Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Video Juxtiposition

I watched a movie called The Wave on The Clay Tablet. The movie is based on a true event that happened in Palo Alto, CA, in 1967. It begins with a teacher unable to answer a student's question as to why the German people did not stop the holocaust. The remainder tracks the teacher surreptitiously demonstrating to the students the answer to that question by basically turning his class into a cult which focused on discipline, community and action.

Below is part one of two parts. (The movie can be seen in its entirety at The Clay Tablet link above) Advance the movie to the time of 21:00 to get an idea of how the teacher's class was conducted.

The teacher's antics were starting to spread outside his classroom and were causing problems on campus. He brought the demonstration to a conclusion by announcing to the students that they had been participating in a nationwide movement and the national leader had a recorded message that was to be presented in the gym. Once all the students were assembled, he announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your leader". Two televisions blazed to life with a recorded Adolf Hitler speech.

This movie was fresh in my mind as I came upon the following video: (advance to 3:50 to get to the similarity)

As I watched this video I had two thoughts. first, that almost everything that they claimed to be pledging, with the exception of Obama worship, was good. Second, their hope is that what they are voluntarily pledging, would become compulsory for all others.


Susan said...

As I watch and hear the daily report of the "latest" in our America I have to constantly remind myself Our Triune God is on the Throne. I would be even more concerned if I did not know that TRUTH. Praise God I do know!!!

Nancy said...

That is SO right Susan! Jesus is our Prince of Peace...not just freedom from situational conflict...Ground to the core PEACE...Truly knowing the outcome may be a bummer at the movies...but it sure saves the enamel on you your teeth in REAL life!

Jon said...

Re: The 2nd video

No one on the video pledged to help Sudanese Christians, or pledged to fight the persecution of the church in China.

No one in the video pledged to sell their mansions and expensive cars and designer clothes and give all of their money to the poor.

No one in the video pledges to help saved the lives of unborn babies who are in danger of being aborted.

No one in the video pledged to do anything that would involve true sacrifice at all. Every pledge was to do something that would make them feel good.

Dan said...

That was my take as well Jon. I recognized some as being very wealthy and famous and capable of doing much more for the good of all but unwilling. My guess is that they would have no problem throwing the word hypocrite around when talking about others. To bad they can't see it when they look in the mirror.

Susannah said...

"I pledge to be a servant to our President..."

God, in Heaven, deliver us from this evil, & remove the scales from the eyes of those who still cannot yet see it. In Your mercy, hear our prayer.