Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The New World Order American Dictionary

The New World Order American Dictionary

Compassion - giving someone else's money to the poor.

Constitution- an archaic and historic but mostly meaningless document upon which judges can inject and attach mechanisms to legislate grand experiments in their attempts to achieve utopia.


Diversity - A process used in hiring workers based on everything other than qualifications for the job. ie, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Environmentalism-The established religion of the United States of America. Of course being "established" tithing is compulsory except that it is called taxation.

Gay-A victim class unique in that it admits white males

Government-An entity representing a bottomless pit of money

Greed-disagreement with Liberals on fiscal policies

Hate-the opinion of a person who disagrees with a Liberal on social issues.

Hate Monger-a person who all can hate guilt-free.

Legislation-a vehicle upon which pork is attached


Moderate-Moderate-Always a Republican and best described as thus: Consider if money were principles. Someone tries to steal a hundred bucks. When caught the thief says "OK I'll only take fifty and we both will be winners; you won't look greedy and I still get something out of the deal. A moderate thinks this is a good idea.

Objective Journalism -these words are mostly obsolete but are still occasionally used by self deluded journalist who are trying to appear objective or to conceal their blatantly obvious bias.

Pork-The purchase of power with other people's money

Poor- Must subsist on dog food in order to pay cable bill

Racist- One who believes that a person should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Separation of Powers- be aware that the meaning of this phrase is somewhat flexible depending on how many branches of government are controlled by Republicans. For example, during the battle over Bush's judge appointments it meant that no party should control all three branches. But now it seems to have shifted back to its original meaning as far as the Legislative and Administrative branches are concerned. There is hope that the Judaical branch will be joining soon.

Social Justice-Some people are fabulously wealthy, some are not. Social Justice is the act of fixing that. It must be noted that the "fixers" are exempt. These would include certain billionaires, media officials, party members and entertainment personnel. The exempted may be as fabulously well to do as they like. Note: These exemptions are not necessarily constrained to wealth, they are also exempt from negative environmental judgements as well.

Special Interest-any grass-roots movement that is conservative. I.e. Planned Parenthood would not be considered one of those evil special interest groups, the "National Right to Life" organisation most definatly is.

Monday, February 23, 2009

LOL (Laugh out Loud)

I saw it first in a Washington Post story yesterday. I do not as a rule read any further than the article titles because I already pretty much know what the stories are going to be, but yesterday I took the bate on this one and read the first paragraph, but not before I LOL. The headline was "Obama's First Budget Seeks To Trim Deficit". (I am finding an incredulous grin on my face even as I write. I can't help it; I know its horrible, but elections have consequences.) It said all I needed to know. He is going to raise taxes on the "wealthy", and cut spending on the military.

I suppose I'm suppose to believe that this is going to trim the deficit that has been increased through pork barrel spending three quarters of a trillion dollars since being in office one month, with more on the way. I would cry I suppose but there will be plenty of opportunity for that later. For the time being I'll be suspending disbelief and L'ingOL.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Tid Bit of Change

Many have been asking about the "change" that has happened and is happening. Well there's certainly a mountain of it that has come with yet more on its way. Here is some change that might have escaped many people's mind. Hillary Clinton exclaimed these words in a speech: "I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you are not patriotic and we should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration." One change is for certain; this, evidently, is no longer true.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lincoln, the great unifier?

For some reason I've never liked the abbreviation LOL, which I think means Laugh out Loud. But I was just listening to the radio and heard the top of the hour news report.

It was reported that President Obama said Lincoln was a great unifier today in a speech; or something to that effect. This actually made me LOL. I've said often that the meaning of words are being changed and I suppose this is an example.

This is scary when you think about it though because if these pictures are any indications of unity, then we all should pray hard for less of it!