Monday, August 3, 2009

The Clunker Bill a Real Clunker

These type initiatives involve trade-offs somewhere else. I'm not sure what would scare me more, those who want this not knowing better, or not caring.

You see, Bob can be helped by taking money from Sue and John, but as everyone is focused on Bob and how wonderful he's doing after ripping off Sue and John, the question of how well the company is doing that would have otherwise benefited from purchases made by Sue and John is never asked.

Meanwhile on the political front, politicians are basking in success poured on by the atta-boy media. Those politicians who know that this is a sham, and, don't like it; well they will be run out of office on a rail, or otherwise maligned if they dare speak up and resist such myopic sentiment. I'd say that that speaks more about the people than the politicians and media.

But perhaps the largest sham is that it is being endorsed and carried out by those who are supposed to be the compassionate ones among us toward the poor. This bill will hurt the poor by reducing the availability of less expensive used cars, while doing nothing to stop the hoax known as man made global warming. I'd say that the real winners in this clunker is the clunker government, big automotive, and those who are wealthy enough to purchase a new car with the help of John and Sue. The losers? Well that would be the rest of us.

As Christians we should have true compassion for the poor and not sell them out in the name of delusions such as the idea that man can raise and lower sea levels and planetary temperatures. As Christians we should be fair and not ask people, poor or not, to pay for things so they can be destroyed on the basis of such a delusion. We should educate ourselves, both rich and poor, in His Word so that we will be able ot recognize folly for folly.


Joe said...

"This bill will hurt the poor..."

Why don't we just give them the crushed cars, let them sell the metal and reap the benefits of the Capitalistic spirit?

Oh, wait...why would the car crushers not want to make the money themselves?

You, of course, are absolutely correct, including: "As Christians we should have true compassion...".

Good post!

Susan said...

Your post "Between the Living and the Dead" is not opening.

I told Mickey last night....just think of all the people who would be delighted to be GIVEN one of those "clunker" cars that are being traded in to be crushed.

Dan said...

Susan I published that post this morning only for a few minutes before taking it down. I always wonder what happens when I do things like that, especially when I accidently hit publish when I mean to hit save. I'll email you the post.

You know I didn't even think of the fact that the cars could be given to the poor, but that's the problem, this is done to protect the planet from those poor, and we can't very well do that by giving them gas guzzlers can we?

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't have a cash for Clunky Congressmen program.

We could help save the planet from stupidity.

Bryan said...

Perhaps we will soon see this clunker government traded in for a better model.

"...true compassion for the poor..." Amen.

"He that despiseth his neighbour sinneth: but he that hath mercy on the poor, happy is he" (Proverbs 28:27.)

Keep pressing on!

Kristi said...


Jon said...

Here's what I can't figure out. Say I drive around an old beater. It's paid for, the insurance is very low and it runs. Now I trade it in for a new car. That new car costs $24,000 after I get my "clunker credit." Now I've got a $500 car payment every month and my insurance is around $200 higher. So in a very bad economy (where I don't have a lot of extra money), I have just increased my monthly bills by $700.

Why am I trading in my clunker again?

Dan said...


Why to save the planet of course. Just consider that $500 a month a down payment on what is to come.