Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Holidays?

As for the title, I didn't want to say "happy Halloween", so I borrowed a trick from the scrooges at the mall. Found this on my all time favorite blog of all times- then I stole it, he he he.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can Obama be Beaten?

This coming election is not the most critical of our time. But perhaps these are the most critical times of our lives. It so happens that elections are only manifestations of changes that have already taken place in the hearts and minds of the people. They are critical only in that they act to seal that change.

The real change that Obama touts is a change from Capitalism to Socialism, at least on the fiscal front. On the social front the change will be to further institutionalize the religion of secular humanism (The Supreme Ct. deemed Sec. Hum. a religion in Torcaso v Watkins, 1961 .) with increased government hostility to his own supposed religion, Christianity. Of course both of these, socialism and secular humanism, become one in meaning under the heading of Marxism. Nothing new here except perhaps to a generation ignorant of life under such an oppressive regime that Marxism by necessity is.

There is a constant drumbeat that appeals to the more base and emotional elements of our humanity, such as fear, rebellion and envy. For at least a half century now the news media, academia and entertainment industry have been conquering and occupying the minds of an ever growing segment of the population. For these Obama is more than a person. He has become more than any mortal man is or ever could be. What he is for most of those who will cast a vote for him is a great equalizer, a righter of all wrongs, a wall fixed between action and consequence, between sowing and reaping. How he will do this is not important; after all, the daze of emotion and hope are too often interrupted by the harsh reality of choice and consequence.

For the elites on the other hand, he is a tool.  He will be used to implement their new ideas for an "even greater" society. As such, he is sandwiched between two segments of the population, the masses and the elites. For the one, blinded by their anger that others have more than they do, he embodies vane hOpe. For the wealthy liberal elites filling his campaign coffers, he embodies power.

Win or lose for Obama, America is at a tipping point. For the conservative, the fact that the likes of Obama-or Kerry, or Gore for that matter-would get more than ten or fifteen percent support in the polls should be terrifying. It wasn't long ago his ilk, by necessity, lived in the back rooms of Hollywood and in the basements of universities. Yet now his kind may be the next president; and even if he isn't, we will be right back here in two years hoping and begging for four more years of America. At this rate it is only a matter of time that we will prove Khrushchev 1 right, that socialism would win "without firing a shot".

So can Obama be beaten? The Bible gives us a little insight by asking another question: "can a man walk on hot coals and not get burned?". This latest bailout is a time compacted example of the government going broke standing between what we sow, and what we reap. Having grown accustomed to this, it has come to be expected, deceiving us into believing that we can indeed sow without reaping. If that is what the people want, I'm afraid Obama cannot be beaten; that is unless we call beating him doing what he does better. As a conservative however I'd have to call that a win for Obama regardless of what happens this forth.

Note 1

More Khrushchev: "We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within". (old enemies are so passe, don't you think?)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are Reptiles Smarter than Mammals? Perhaps sometimes they are.

Like Pavlov's Dog, when I hear phrases like : "then he decided to....", or "he got it in his head that..." , I get ready to laugh. These phrases are normally followed by a story that has you shaking your head and chuckling. Then with a look of bewilderment and a scratcing of the head someone asks "What goes through a man's mind?"

This video is about 5 seconds, and it does beg that question.