Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Inquisitive Mind

I've heard it said that there are those who will break your legs then offer you crutches. If the leg breaking occurs right before the cast is put on, and the crutches are offered right after, the demeanor of the person receiving the crutches would understandably be less than grateful.

But what if the person receiving the crutches is not aware that the one offering them is also the one who broke his legs? This would change everything. Gratitude would be the natural response.

By asking questions and thinking things through, we can perhaps begin to realize that the ones who seem to be constantly offering us crutches are the same ones who are breaking our legs.

I watched a political ad promoting climate change legislation. The creators of this add understand that, although most people are for protecting the environment, they are much more concerned about earning an income. The add therefore was heavy on the job creating aspects of the legislation.

Well that's nice, but are the jobs crutches? We should be a little suspicious when such promises are made. For an absurd example, if legislation was passed that outlawed non-electric cars, the claim might truthfully be made that such legislation would create thousands of jobs. The question at that point should be how many jobs is it going to cost?

I am always suspicious when someone is offering crutches because I know that nothing is free. The truth is that most people offering crutches today are more interested in the acquisition of power than helping the invalid with mobility. When I hear someone say that some legislation is going to create more jobs, my immediate reaction is to grab my wallet and polish up my resume. Worse, such promises are insidious because they generally contain some truth. But there is much more truth left out that would tarnish an otherwise shinny set of crutches. Such truth is left to be discovered by the inquisitive mind.

As Christians we should be suspicious of those who have no problems with the systematic murder for profit of the unborn, who hate Jesus, and who are in fact anti-Christ in deed, when they come offering us crutches.


Jon said...

I read an interesting interview the other day wherein a former health-care exec was outing the corruption in the industry. And what was his solution to fixing this corruption? Hand things over to the honest, ethical federal government.

I'm not sure who is doing the breaking and who is offering the crutches with this one, but I'm pretty sure when it's all said and done I won't have a leg to stand on!

Good post as usual!

Kathy said...

Offers for crutches should be considered on this basis: Crutches plus nothing-ok. Crutches and a freshly whitened grin-forget it! Run (if you can) like crazy!!!

Susan said...

They have forgotten the concept of letting us walk on our own 2 God given legs without the need of crutches.

Dan said...


As we know anything can be made to look really good or really bad by cherry picking our examples. The sales fo this health care remind me of the sales of snake oil in that respect. You make a good point on the "ethical federal goverment". I don't trust anyone who doesn't see sin in anyone except those who dissagree with them. Their view of the world doesn't have the clarity to fix anything.

Kathy Run, is right!

Susan I agree with your very good point. But as you know, if we are walking on our own two feet then we won't have to depend on someone else. If we don't have to depend on someone else they can't hold our dependence over our head to make us live a life that they think is best for us; while they live a life that they think is best for them of course.

Larry Durham said...

Excellent observations. Said government crutches always seem to come with hidden costs...and future broken bones.

Stan said...

Dan, you said what I did (won't bother linking to it ... not sure I can), but in a much better way. Good stuff.

Joe said...

I have absolutely no problem being VERY suspicious of people who pretend to be offering me free crutches.

I suspect he has a cousin Vito just waiting to ensure that I need them.

Dan said...


... and further broken bones and more fixes, and more broken bones and more fixes, and further broken bones until one day you need a body cast, and in a sick sense, you are thrilled to get it.

Yours was much better Stan, but thanks for the kind words.


Cousin Vito or union thug, what's the difference.

Mary Lee said...

Are free crutches better than cement shoes?