Monday, November 30, 2009

New World Order American Dictionary additions

Some additions and one revision to my other blog, a one post blog, the New World Order American Dictionary linked at the right of this page.

Corruption-A label reserved for political law breakers-real, imagined, or accused, who disagree with Democrats.

Fair-A subjectively derived position or point of view mistaken or confused with objective truth.


Good-see whatever

Hope- The opiate for the anti-religious masses.

Job Creation-a job shifted from the private to public sector.

Morality- archaic, offensive, The idea of right and wrong based on objective truth. used interchangeably with morality [the idea of right and wrong based on liberals.] Hence, the statement "you can't legislate morality" by those who legislate lots of morality must be interpreted under the archaic meaning.

Patriot- Any person who loves the dream he has for America. example: Army Major Nidal Hasan is a Patriot because he loves the dream he has for an America under Sharia Law. President Obama is a patriot because he loves the dream he has for a communist America.

Whatever- The culmination of liberal thought and theology in a word.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Cap And Trade Bed Time Story

As more and more truth leaks out about the supposed global warming climate change "crisis", the commercials from evil corporations-who incidentally stand to make a nice profit from this global hoax, and the"news stories" from the state supporting media, who incidentally seek to gain more power from the same, are looking more and more ridiculous. My bet is that rather than tone it down in light of the piling evidence against this farce, they will ratchet it up by saying "shut up", which will look more and more like this. It is, after all, the communist way.

While we are visualizing world peace, may we also visualize a world in which news cycles report truth, and PSA's look like this:

H/T The Clay Tablet

Thursday, November 19, 2009

12 Rules To Govern And Live By For Destroying An Economy And A Nation

  1. Borrow every dime anyone is willing to lend.
  2. Lend as much as your circumstances will allow as long as someone else will end up bailing you out if it can't be repaid.
  3. Never take responsibility for your own actions.
  4. Deny the existence of evil.
  5. Assume that you are simply entitled from others anything at all.
  6. Expect and support all intervention between action and consequence, sowing and reaping, by anyone willing to do the intervening.
  7. Embrace the dichotomy that some people are greedy, but none of those who are would be willing to give away somebody else's money while masquerading as compassionate.
  8. Ignore, deny, or otherwise downplay the best projector of our future available, history.
  9. Accept the fallacy that people will work hard, be innovative, develop new ideas, medicines, and technologies, take financial risk that could eventually benefit all of society, or govern you, for only a modest gain.
  10. Believe that ANY political party or corporation has your best interest at heart.
  11. Reflexively exalt the poor and demonize the rich.
  12. Deny the existence of God.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rut Think

"I know you believe you think you understand what you think I said ,but I'm not sure you realize that what you think I said is not what I meant" (author unknown)

I have discovered a communication anomaly which I have termed "Rut Think". Rut Think occurs when a person says exactly what he means but what is heard is something totally different. This phenomena usually swirls around words that have been beat to a bloody pulp by popular culture, the news media, or by wild eyed and deranged looking protesters. As such they are filled with perhaps thousands of connotations that render them useless for their original purpose of communicating. Their use will almost certainly put the wheels of the conversations into ruts that are impossible to escape. Realizing this I have begun a personal campaign for myself of thinking outside the rut.

Following are a few things that are said, and their interpretation:

  • I am against Obama's health care reform plans=I am a greedy b^$+@&* and am against poor people getting the health care they so rightly deserve and am perfectly happy with the system as it is currently constituted as a grand scale giant jackpot lawyer's Casino.

  • The Church should not ignore politics = The church should forsake her original commission and become an active arm of the RNC who's purpose is to keep Republicans in power regardless of what they may or may not stand for.

  • Intelligent design should also be taught in our education system = The education system should be turned over to a bunch of fundamentalist anti-science and anti-education back-woods zealots who want to halt all quests for knowledge, and by co-opting education, use it to turn the country into a third world theocracy.

  • We should drill for oil= We should, with reckless abandon, without care for anything except our precious gas for our precious cars, wreck, pollute, destroy, ravage, and strip- mine the entire earth and otherwise turn it over to a bunch of evil rich Bush cronies in big oil so they can get filthy rich and take over the world.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Progression

IN my years before Christ I thought that just about all the problems in the world were caused by greed.

After becoming a follower of Christ, what I saw as the cause of the ills of the world began to change. In spite of the a-political approach of every church I had attended, as my mind was renewed I began to think that all the problems of the world were caused by the government.

As matured however I began to realize that the government was in power because we, the people, elected it. This was discouraging because it greatly expanded the problems from a small select group of leaders to everybody.

I finally began to realize that all the problems of the world were caused by the sin nature of all the people, of which I was one; and in fact that I had been, and continued to be, a contributor to "all the problems of the world"; but worse yet, I had likely contributed, in my few years, much more than my fair share!

At some point I no longer saw greed as the problem, and I had ceased to see electable and disposable politicians-at the whim of the people-as the problem. One notable change in my heart was that I realized that problems were a given. That the hOpe of utopia here on earth was a vein hope and a fool's errand. I began to realize that Jesus was in fact the only hope, and that his body of believers was a preserving agent in a world that would self destruct in short order in its absence.

In my current level of revelation, I see the world through the lens that, as far as the problems of the world can be mitigated, that mitigating influence must be effected by the followers of Jesus; that the level of suffering that a society endures is inversly proportional to the level of health enjoyed by the body of Christ. As I watch a nation filled to overflowing with churches, bankrupt itself in its attempts of satisfing material hunger while ignoring, and even propagating spiritual starvation, I realize that as goes the Church-which I am a part, so goes the nation.

So what do many of the churches that the child sees through the window of her car as she rides with her mom to divorce court, or to pre-K; or the young girl riding to the abortion clinic, or the little boy wondering what his daddy is like, offer? Well here's one example, an admitted extreme example in deed, but as our rotting society attests, not in heart.

If you get to feeling nauseous, advance to just before the 4 minute mark to watch the revealing end.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Civics 101

Since shortly after becoming a Christian I have viewed the world through the prism that man is not basically good. I cringe when I hear Christians-who ought to know better-say or imply that the opposite is true, for it is only a short step from there to trusting man's goodness with power over our lives. But worse, such a view of man cheapens the price payed on the cross for our redemption and salvation from God's wrath by reducing what in actuality is the bridging of an uncrossable chasm to a little nudge over a short wall.

This is a great ten minute civics lesson and I encourage all who come by here to watch. As you watch keep in mind the end result of a faulty premise on man's goodness. Although the video does not come right out and says so, it does imply a fallen view of man, especially as it pertains to democracies and the insight of the founding fathers into man's lust for power. It also clearly and succinctly demonstrates the end of the folly of thinking that man is basically good; an end that is almost defiantly what America's future holds.

H/T Joe Politico