Thursday, May 19, 2011


If the word "green" being constantly spouted by carbon-gobbling globetrotters like it's the new world savior grates on you like it does me, click here for a pretty cool story.


Joe said...

The only green I've ever wished for is a green thumb and some green-backs.

Craig and Heather said...

That was a fun read, Dan. Thanks :)

Interesting how the point of the article appears to be that "the green thing" really has very little to do with protecting the environmnet.

Convicting in a way, too, as it is obvious that, before the advent of technologically-encouraged disposability, the average American citizen really did practice the type of less-waste lifestyle that special interest driven "greenness" is now trying to force on everyone.


Christian Ease said...

Your "Green" post left me feeling a little blue, and you have to admit there are some gray areas to be considered, but on the whole it makes me red hot and still I'm too yellow to do anything about it.

Dan said...

Joe, if it makes you green with envy that you don't have either you are ripe to be sucked in by the green dribble.


In my unredeemed life I was a greenie. I actually gave money to Green Peace. It began to dawn on me, at about the same time that other realities of meaninglessness dawned on me, that I simply was not able to live up to the standard of "green" that GP had laid out for me. I was a hopeless polluter with no hope of redemption. Of coarse, that greeness is still a part of me, but now it actually cares about the people that the green exists to support as opposed to the demonic communism that lurks behind what now passes itself off as green.

Christian Ease

That was good, I tried oh so hard to come up with a colorful response but I'm afraid those psychedelic years might have left me unable.

Anonymous said...

Here is yet another interesting article on our impending doom. It provides perspective.

Semper Fi

Dan said...

I saw that. Time also did a similar cover in 1977. But... being liberal means never having to apologize for being wrong. And, the more liberal, the more wrong you can be without losing credibility with fellow liberals.

Christian Ease said...

You're so kind. I thought I might have had to apologize for the off color remarks!