Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To Clarify

More than one person mentioned the confusion surrounding my last post concerning this statement:

"Do we really believe that the message of the Gospel is the only message that offers salvation?"

As I wrote this statement I pondered as to how to quote the statement without the word "only" and without the use of an ellipsis. I settled on simply striking the word "only". My thinking that the remaining definite article "the", as opposed to the indefinite article "a", would suffice at directing the focus away from the question of relativism being asked by the 1960's denominations, and to the question of ramifications of such beliefs.

As to daily asking myself the question, "do I really believe the message of the Gospel is the message that offers salvation", I think this is a pertinent question for all believers in Jesus. Let me explain why by using one of the most poignant video clips from one of the most poignant movies I think I've ever seen.

It is found at the conclusion of the movie Schindler's List. As the movie portrays it, Oskar Schindler had a unique perspective of how his decisions effected others in that there was a definite price tag associated with each of the Jews he saved through buying them to work in his factory. The movie also portrays the reality of this fact settling in on him as those he did save gathered around him. Seeing them, he suddenly realizes that each of his indulgences could be quantified by a number of Jews he was not able to buy as a result those indulgences. It was not as if he didn't know this all along, or that he even questioned the reality of it. Still, it was after the fact that the weight of this reality settled in on him.

The Clip:

Just to be clear. I believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation. I believe that he cannot reasonably and sanely be proclaimed as only a way. He is either the only way, or provides no way. Jesus himself left us no other alternatives.


AnnoyingJoe said...

To say that one's own way is the ONLY way is frightening. You think God would put the vast majority of his subjects in such a no-win situation?

Makes you sort of relieved that there is no god.

That was an intentional non-capitalization.

Consider thyself sharpened.

Dan said...

Thank you Joe. I didn't find that so annoying. I do find it fascinating however that the electrons flowing this way and that in the meaningless evolved gray matter that fills your skull gives you a feeling of annoyance over what the electrons are doing in another meaningless evolved bag of biochemicals.(me) That this is the case makes me believe all the more in a creator, and it should you as well. Jesus is the only way to salvation dear Joe. That someone somewhere might meet his maker not knowing this is one thing. But you will not be able to proffer that defense. I pray, for your sake, you'll think about that Joe.


christian soldier said...

Jesus is the only Way-
Thank GOD that by GRACE are we saved and not by works-lest any man should boast-
Joe-if you have any artistic tendencies-get yourself a King James red letter version of the Bible- the red letters are Christ's own words-
Read it aloud because- like Shakespeare- it must be read aloud at first--
one chapter of the old testament-
on chapter of the new and one chapter of Psalms--a day!!