Wednesday, December 29, 2010

51 Ways To Survive

If any of you who are snow-bound now are also hoarders or collectors of worthless junk, perhaps you might find buried or stashed somewhere this magazine. It offers 51 tips on how to survive.

However I hope its tips on surviving the ice age are more insightful than its cold war prognosis. But then again, perhaps it was the can-do American spirit applied to following those tips that caused global warming. Hey!... it's worth a thought.


Craig and Heather said...



Kathy said...

Living in Florida at the time, I'll be if I did NOT save that particular issue. Drat. Not.

Craig and Heather said...

Happy New Year!
(We can hope, right?)


Fredd said...

Way to dig deep, Bumbling. I love that top headline, 'Beyond Detente, Why We Can't Beat the Soviets.'

Time magazine has as much credibility on forecasting events as Carnac The Magnificent did.

Dan said...

Thanks Heather


I am always astounded when I see people still claiming that we should attempt to change the temperature of the planet; especially in light of all the climate change "scientist" scandals.