Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mystery Of The Missing Comments

I had some time and was going to respond to some comments to my last post and saw that three of them had disappeared. Blogger? Hacked?

Anyway, wanted to say that I always appreciate comments as long as they are thoughtful. I have a limited amount of time, and even though I don't always get around to responding to comments that are left here, I always want to. Sometimes I simply can't think of anything meaningful to add or say in response, generally because I agree. Otherwise, it is a time issue. I take the time to read any comments left right away, but it may take me up to a couple of days to respond. After that, I figure it's too late. Please don't see this as indifference, it isn't. I am always grateful. I say this because I love to get responses when I take the time to comment elsewhere, though it's fine if I don't, which seems to be the case about half the time. Also, I don't comment now near as much as I once did. Though I do try to read most of the blogs I follow on "reader". I have about 40 good blogs there.

Sorry for the missing comments. I have no idea what happened to them, though I know it didn't just happen here. It also happened on my other blog as well.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Blogger was down all day yesterday, and most of this morning. I had some comments also disappear. But even worse, some of the blogs I visit lost the posts they did the last couple days.

So it was a blogger problem!

Dan said...

I thought as much. I hope they can get it fixed OK.

Susan said...

Yes blogger seemed to have a big problem. Makes me wonder why?!!!!

The Piper's Wife said...

They said it was down for upgrades.

Steve Scott said...

They said it was down for upgrades and that all new posts and comments from about 7:30am Wednesday were taken down in order to make the upgrades. The posts would re-appear after their upgrade was completed. I went in to my dashboard and re-posted my lost post, and I didn't find any comments at all. I've heard others say that if you have your comments emailed to you, you can access them at your email address.