Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Imagine Consistency

Imagine that a massacre like the one in Tuscon was carried out by a Muslim. Suppose that that Muslim shouted Allah Akbar the entire time he was methodically picking off his victims? Would the media blame Islam for calling for that very thing out right; or would they defend Islam as a religion of peace and deny the connection? Hmmmmm... didn't something like that happen just recently? Does this event remind us more of that event, or say... an event that Democrats feel they are more capable of churning up political mud? Like say the Oklahoma City Bombing.

If Democrats and their media mouth pieces were consistent and they truly believed what they tell us about Islam, that is that we should not upset them lest they become angry and kill even more of us, shouldn't they try to disassociate as much as they're able the Tuscon Massacre with conservatism?

I'm not conceding that there actually is a connection that needs to be disassociated outside the minds of liberals, but because it does exist in their minds, consistency would demand, one would think, a similar reaction. But then again, it is not unreasonable for a group to treat their true enemies like true enemies.


christian soldier said...

Those who follow the Dark One-cannot tell the truth because they do not know the TRUTH--
As always-great post--


Stan said...

Now, Danny, you know that's not the case. They are being consistent. Islam is the religion of peace (you know that "peace" is built into the name of that religion, don't you?) and quite clearly conservatives are warmongers and evil doers, only interested in what they can get for themselves instead of anyone else, while those nice Islamic radicals are only concerned about getting to heaven. What's so inconsistent about that? (Besides, if you say, "Islam is wrong for encouraging murder", they might kill you.)

[end sarcasm]

Dan said...

Sarcasam-what is left when reason leaves the room?

Stan said...

Can't be. If it's not in the New World Order Dictionary, it's not true.