Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Tell Me That You Love Me

At some point in recent history the American Church took the tact that speaking out against laws being passed by the government caused division. It was political and politics didn't belong in the church. (the 5013c impact) There was a move instead to be more "loving". As this thinking increased the salt and light of the church decreased in the public square and the sanctuary. Acceptance has become the tenor as sins are being embraced in some segments of the church, or simply disregarded in others.

This gave those who wrote laws free reign to experiment on society as they wished with all kinds of man-centered philosophies with the promise of utopia . The family is now in shambles, the blood of the unborn cries out to God, and the government is bankrupt as a result of inserting itself between immoral behavior and its consequences. All of this is done under the guise of compassion.

That's OK I guess. It is the way of a society that has casted off all restraints. Just please, don't try to tell me, as the ponzi-scheme that is the morass of "social programs" collapses, as the children are trained to be barbarians and the fruit of the toil of everyone from the aged to those who have yet to survive the womb is being squandered on vain and futile fantasies, that you love me.


Susan said...

Amen, Danny. And, I hate to say it,the Church dropped the ball in living up to their part to take care of the widows and orphens and LET the government pick up that job so they (the church) could built big, fancy building, etc.

Dan said...

Funny, before I even started on this post or conceived of it (actually it has been in my head for a long time, but I wasn't thinking about it this morning) I was thinking of a church down the street that has a roller rink and gymnasium and workout center. I was thinking about it in the context of a question I was asking myself, which was will God say to me one day "well done my good and fateful servant".

Anyway, I would like to point out that I'm sure the Church did drop the ball to an extent, it is after all made up of fallible man, but one thing to keep in mind when considering this is that true love does not supplement behavior that promises bad consequences. It does not simply send checks in the mail or bail out creditors and debtors after risky or immoral behavior then tout compassion as does the gov. We hope that the church has a different motivation, which should be true compassion. True love is interested in the man, helping him when he is ready, but allowing him to suffer the consequences of his behavior until then. As someone once said: experience is a wonderful teacher, but the tuition can be high.

The gov. on the other hand, is motivated by power. A well trained Christian should know this and be leery of its so called compassion. Independent people do not vote for people who are selling empty promises of security in exchange for power. Many times the latter comes to the rescue when the former acts out a motivation of love by not helping but instead calling the behavior to account. There once was a time when the two acted in unison for the maximum benefit of man. But as I pointed out, with the help of the new church, those days are behind us.

Interestingly also, note the existence of two standards when evaluating the two. From the church is expected perfection. That is, any suffering at all points to an ineffective church. The standard for the gov. is, on the other hand, intentions. All the suffering in the world is answered with the stated intentions, and cherry picked "successes". This can be seen by the incredible amount of suffering that has been wrought by the gross misunderstanding of the heart of man that is the ill fated war on poverty.

Dan said...

Ultimately though I think you are correct in your assessment and that it does somehow coincide with the change in thinking that took place sometime mid century past. There's no way some of what we see that can be explained only by self indulgence, especially in light of the condition of the rest of the world, that these things can be justified.

Susan said...

Oh I totally agree, Dan, re: the government and the evil it has and it doing. Sadly, sometimes there is not the accountablilty, even within the Church, that is needed and God's standard is not held high. Oh, that we each do the part God calls us to do in correcting both situations. Both in the church and in our country, starting with our local elected officials and going to the President & Congress.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Dan. As usual they exhibit the opposite of love. Real love is having the long-term best interests of people at heart, and these people have a worldly, short-term, pampering, indulgent "love" to offer that results in misery and death.

christian soldier said...

that was Lyndon Johnson's intent when he rammed the 501 C3 -he wanted to shut his critics up!
The Church of Christ was asleep-she is still asleep!

Susannah said...

"the Church dropped the ball in...take care of the widows and orphens and LET the government pick up that job so they (the church) could built big, fancy building, etc."


And, "don't tell me you love me."
OUCH! Bingo.

Timmy Jimmy said...

Hi Dan,
I can only agree with you. The church has dropped the ball in so many ways, and left it up to people like James Dobson to run with it. It was never the intent of Christ to have para-church organizations do the work of the ministry, but the church itself.

I hate the tax-exempt garbage. The church is never to submit itself to the government. What is given at the church belong to Christ, not Caesar! And we don't need Caesar's permission for it.