Sunday, October 4, 2009

Looking to the Progressive Horizon

I am often amazed at how out of touch I am with the alternate reality that appears to permeate American society. Nothing drives this point home however more than the socialism packaged in the "green" mantra; especially as it concerns global warming. This "impending disaster" is the socialist ideolog's dream; an impending global catastrophe that can only be thwarted by the sacrifice of power and wealth to the global elites by the masses.  These elites, incidentally, happen to find themselves in the position of being the only ones with sufficient intellectual fortitude to save the planet from the ravages inflicted upon it by these same masses attempting to achieve a standard of living beyond what those same elites think is best.

However like Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard, those who hold this global hoax to still be the Gospel according to Algore are in retreat to their safe reality-free zones in pristine and posh locations such as university campuses, Hollywood, CNN, and the DNC. But with the planet now beginning its normal cooling cycle attempts to rename warming to Climate Change ring hollow in the ears of those who remember the not so distant past. Reality is making the would-be world savers look a little like Baghdad Bob, who's ridiculous proclamations of victory while the reality beyond the studio was the Republican Guard in flight.  This made him, and the world-savers, look all the more loony.

I believe that those who make it their business to create--from thin air--problems that only they can fix,  are probably already developing their next catastrophic scare-scheme. With this in mind I have conceived of four attributes that will most likely provide the framework for that scheme.

1. The scheme must involve the creation of a new evil that has never before existed. And the blame for that evil must be placed on the backs of man… no, make that productive man.

2. This new evil must be of such a huge scale that “leaders” the world over will need to meet in posh and beautiful locations to pool their more than ample mental muscle in order-out of their compassion-to save the intellectually inferior from our self imposed impending doom.

3. The evil must be of an extremely high and specialized technical nature; impossible for anyone to understand except world leaders and highly trained scientist who are open-minded enough to grasp the necessity that many must suffer through wealth confiscation in order to ward off sure global disaster. This will ensure that detractors can be dismissed out of hand as being restrained by some primitive closed-minded ideology; or as simply lacking the required intellectual capacity required to grasp such an extremely complex problem.

4.The evil must be solvable by socialistic legislation and the handing over of power and wealth to the compassionate few who have the rare qualities of both, the mental fortitude, and the self-sacrificing nature one would expect to find in a socialist leader bent on saving the world from the parasite that is common man who bears the shame of eking out an existence and striving to better his lot.


Susan said...

How stupid do they really think we are? We, with the "mind of Christ", know better and God always has a Remnant. Praise God He does. I am just amazed how many are believing each and every newest "disaster" that comes down their pike.

Stan said...

"finding safe haven from reality in pristine and posh enclaves of homogenized socialist thought"

Wow ... did you raid a thesaurus or something? Well written, to the point, very clear. I like it.

Dan said...

I almost always use a thesaurus when I write, but I didn't on that line. The thesaurus often helps me to apprehend that word that sometimes teeters precariously on the apex of my tongue, yet remains stubbornly just beyond my mind's grasp.

Momstheword said...

You are an impressive wordsmith, to say the very least. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been neglecting it recently. I'm glad I found your blog. You do a good job of taking some of my thoughts and rearranging them until they make sense. :)

Steve said...

As CO2 continues to drive temperartures through the roof :D

the earth will start to melt, along with all life forms...

and the Thesaurus lexiconicus will go the way of Stegasaurus al gorus.

We must abandon our reliance on cooking oil and eat only green bananas from Honduras.

Otherwise... we are doomed.

Larry Durham said...

"However like Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard, those who hold this global hoax to still be the Gospel according to Algore are in retreat. Yet such alarmist are finding safe haven from reality in pristine and posh enclaves of homogenized socialist thought such as university campuses, Hollywood, CNN, and the DNC."

I wish I'd written that!

Awesome work here BG.

Dan said...


And thank you also for stopping by, and for the compliments.


Yes indeed we are doomed, either way, we're doomed.


All you need is a thesaurus!

Jon said...

Great post, as usual. I think the leaders of the green movement are after one thing: Power.

On a related note, check out this story by the BBC:

What Happened to Global Warming?

Dan said...


I agree with you that this not about saving any of us but rather about amassing power. IF there actually were a problem that required a change in man's behavior to avert catastrophe then we are equally sunk.

I for one am a bonafide "sceptic" when it comes to views that suggest that the global community can, by joining their efforts, change the planet's temperature even one degree. This even if we did know everything there is to know about the planet's temperature variations; a point that the alarmist seem to suggests in the article. It would be much easier in my opinion, even though just as impossible, to achieve world peace.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Dan, you hit it right on the head. This is all about amassing power. If one digs a little deeper, one almost always finds the Disaster-o'-the-Day Megaphone in the hands of someone with a craving for attention and a self-congratulatory bent.

I wonder what The Next Big Thing shall be?