Friday, October 2, 2009

Racism in the International Olympic Committee

Apparently Jimmy Carter's fellow southerners have not sewn up the market on racism. Carter can now add the International Olympic Committee to his small list of racist. It is obvious that this committee is in fact racist because of their decision not to award Chicago with the 2016 Olympic games after President Obama himself, an African-American, traveled to Copenhagen to vie for the award.


Larry Durham said...

I, for one, will boycott the Rio Olympics due to the horrible racism exhibited by the OC.

Oh the humanity!

Anonymous said...

LOL. It was weird rooting against the U.S. to get the Olympics, but can you imagine the corruption and waste if Chicago had won? And gee, wouldn't it hurt our image around the world to act like we deserved them again so soon?

Timothy said...

I agree! Those Europeans are racists! They didn't bow to the O's!


Steve said...

That is exactly what I think.

How dare they keep d'lympics out of Chi-town?

Mary Lee said...

I KNEW that was the reason!

Joe said...

You know, I was having the same thoughts and was going to post about the "racism" of the IOC. Good job beating me to it!

Nancy said...

It would have been very embarrassing to have the world show up on our doorstep to a boycott of city services leaving the guests enveloped by garbage not collected, no street lights poor to dangerous construction; and the list goes on Ad infinitum because the city workers and contracts were unpaid due to an absconding of funds!

Dan said...


Good to hear from you again!


"hurt our image around the world?" Nothing an Obama apology couldn't handle.


"O" dear, I was not aware; that explains all!


d'lympics? Did we remove the "O" in protest? :)

Mary Lee

Give me back my shovel!


Given the only tactic employed by the left as of late-or possibly available-it was a very natural thought process.

Dan said...


Indeed it would have, but as I pointed out to Neil, this is no problem for the wonder working power of an Obama apology.

Jon said...

Ha! This is great. I love your political satire; keep up the good work!


Steve said...


I am g_ing t_ rem_ve all the _'s fr_m everthing I write...

fr_m n_w _n.

Kathy said...

I'm laughing at what Steve said.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha! Racism... my favorite term...LOL