Monday, July 20, 2009

America's High Water Mark

I was in grammar school when the first lunar landing occurred. For a rural Georgian school boy with only five or so years of awareness, there was no way I could have grasped the significance of such a monumental event. Now, looking back, it is difficult to imagine the optimism that must have been prevalent then; optimism that seems to have been in steady decline ever since. As Neil Armstrong was making his climatic "One small step..." speech, institutions of higher learning were rumbling with their own speeches.

Those rumblings have now made their way into just about every institution that made up the very foundation on which that achievement was built. As a result, a veil of pessimism now seems to have enveloped this once great nation, as those very foundations crumble under the weight of Godlessness and unsustainable entitlement programs that attempted to reach a place beyond even the moon; a place where sin is free of consequence.

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