Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More On Honduras

The New World Order American Dictionary defines a "Moderate" as:

"Always a Republican and best described as thus: Consider if money were principles. When someone tries to steal your hundred bucks and gets caught he says "OK I'll only take fifty and I'll let you have fifty. This way we will both be winners; you won't look like a greedy jerk, and you still get to keep fifty bucks." To a moderate this sounds like a great idea."

I think we are going to watch something like this play out in Honduras. The Los Angeles Times reported today:

"Honduras' ousted president and the officials who exiled him have agreed to try to resolve their conflict through a U.S. endorsed mediator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Tuesday. Signaling an expanding U.S.effort, Clinton said the two sides had agreed to talks supervised by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, who was awarded a Nobel Prize (this would be where mere mortals bow)in 1987 for his efforts to broker peace accords in Central."

And that's the way it happens. When Honduras attempts to enforce its constitution by holding even the president accountable to the rule of law, what is there to talk about? The president broke the law. So any compromise will end up being a loss for the Honduran people, and a gain for a man who is lusting after power.

As a parable in discussing the South, President Lincoln told the story of a highway man who was robbing a passer by. The highwayman (thief) to his victim: "You will be responsible for making me a murderer too if you do not hand over your valuables". I think this would also be an appropriate analogy for these events as well. The L.A.Times continues:

"We call upon all parties to refrain from acts of violence and to seek a peaceful, constitutional and lasting solution to the serious divisions in Honduras through dialogue", Clinton said as the State Department after meeting with President Manuel Zelaya."

Ahhh.. you mean ex president Manuel Zelaya don't you? Translation: if you guys don't put this guy back in and rewrite your constitution so he can stay on track to becoming a dictator thug, people are going to die; and you don't want that on your head do you?

You got to love this from the objective and truth seeking leftist LA Times. The article continues:

Zelaya said he planned to fly to Costa Rica to begin talks Thursday. Roberto Mecheletti, president of the (get this) ["]de facto government["] that has refused to allow Zelaya to reenter Honduras, also said he would travel to Costa Rica for the talks.

So let me get this straight. If George Bush had of gotten some of his gun clinging supporters to promise bedlam if he were not allowed to run for a third term, and the congress and supreme court kicked him out of the country, what would remain would be a "de facto government"?

As to the negotiations, what is going to be negotiated? The "moderate" outlaw ex president laid down his own law as to what would be negotiated by stating what would not be negotiated, which was his reinstallment into power. What would be negotiated, according to Zelaya, was the fate of those who were enforcing the laws set forth in their own constitution; or in his words "the exit of the coup leaders"

We know how this is going to go. The same man that takes a "no meddling" approach to a Jew hating lunatic who shoots citizens in cold blood as they walk down the street , is going to, as the LA Times put it "kick it into high gear" in their meddling. And of course there will be a compromise and the so called "moderate" Position will win the day as freedom takes it on the chin.

Read entire article here.


Larry Durham said...

It appears that banana reupublicanism is spreading world wide Dan. The scary part is the glazed over look you get when you bring up the subject (of losing freedom) with people. Either folks have lost hope...or they just don't care. Dayyyy-oooo.

Susan said...

I think Larry's comment is so right on....either they've lost hope....or don't care. Both equally as bad. We must be faithful to the end in proclaiming the truth, however unpopular it is. I'm so thankful you are one of those who does!!! May God bless you Dan.

Dan said...


I think that the glazed over look is more frightening than the acrimonious demeanor of a beaurocrat who has had his power challenged. Once the first sets in you know the second is coming.


I think it would be difficult to understand the state of mind of a small and poor country with the weight of the U.S. and the O.A.S and all their dictators and dictator friends bearing down on you for not falling in line with the vision Hugo Chavez has for your country. Please pray for us was the common theme of the emails received from Hondurans by this writer for the Wall Street journal. I think that is a good idea, and I know that you do too.

Thank you also for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

People are siding with tyrrany.

We have done that in this country also.

Dan said...

We sure have Steve