Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Power To The People, at least some of them anyway.

This week the Pennsylvania senate will be debating SB 935 which would legalize same-sex marriage in that state. Ironically, also occurring this week are the Sonia Sotomayor senate confirmation hearings. The fate of the homosexual marriage bill in Pennsylvania will illustrate why Democrats are bullish on Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice; and why her skin color will be the big selling point when it comes to her "qualifications". Better to focus on her credentials by birth than to examine her views on things like interpreting the constitution. Such views are going to come in handy later on to cover the "elected left's" political rear ends.

The Senate Bill's chances of passing are slim because those poor senators in Pennsylvania, unlike court justices, will have to answer to those bitter Pennesynanian religion and gun clingers Obama warned us about. This does make one wonder however: why bother? Why not just let the courts do it the old fashion way, by judicial fiat? Then the Honorably Senators can raise their voices in outrage right along side those bitter clingers thereby winning their affections instead of their ire.

Worthy of note is that if the same-sex marriage bill does pass the old fashion way, like say a government handout bill passes, it will be a first. This is because the Sotomayors of the world have given the same-sex marriage militants, like the slave militants of old; the anti God militants of the sixties, the abortion militants; and the who knows what's next militants- the ability to circumvent such trivial formalities as debates, legislative process, the will of the people, and silly old fashioned stuff like that.


Squigs said...

Cheekily written - and pretty much on the mark - I like it!

Those pesky right-wingers, always out to spoil "progressive" ideologies for the sake of ... well, for the sake of saking, I think. And yes, that legislative process is soooo last millennium, huh?

As I've fondly heard it before, I'd rather be a right-wing nut-job, than a left-winger with no job and no nuts.

(OT - I'm send you through a quick email on a related matter of a discussion I'm involved in on SSM. Stay posted!)


Anonymous said...

Those on the left are certainly happy to tear down the tried and true (not perfect) institutions that have served this country so well over it's lifetime.

The left wants "change", and they are getting it in spades.

I doubt that our country will survive all these "changes".