Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things I Learned In Homeschool

I learned a new quote from Benjamin Franklin. "He who teaches himself has a fool for a master." That certainly cleared up some of the "whys" of my struggles.


Susan said...

Oh Danny, we ALL should struggle with a learned mind such as you have!!!!!!

Kathy said...

Amen, Yes, Exactly, and anything else I could say to underscore the truth of Susan's words. One of the joys of being the body of Christ (and a wife to boot!) is observing one another's gifts. One of Danny's most admirable characteristics is his teachability. Not everyone has that, but how much better off we'd be if that could be said of us.

Dan said...


So what shall I say in answer to such kind words? I think I shall simply say thank you.

Steve said...

I taught myself just about everything I know.

And I haven't a clue.

Christinewjc said...

Heh heh...That Ben Franklin was certainly a genius! Some of his simplest statements have profound wisdom within them.

I recently read an opinion about a debate at Biola University between William Lane Craig (professor of theology there) and Christopher Hitchens (self-avowed atheist).

I need to see the transcript. Sounds like a debate that any Christian apologist could be proud of.

According to the review, it seems that Craig kindly skewered Hitchens while Hitchens couldn't respond to Craig's evidence for faith in Jesus.

Perhaps Hitchens could be considered the kind of man that Franklin spoke of?

I need to do a post on the debate at my blog.

I can't help but feel happy that Hitchens was "put in his place" at the debate. He often has very mean-spirited things to say about God, Jesus Christ and Christian believers.

Have to share this portion.


Atheist blogger Luke Muehlhauser of Common Sense Atheism described Hitchens' performance as "rambling and incoherent" and concluded, "Craig spanked Hitchens like a foolish child."

Dan said...


I hope there were those present at the debate that were teetering, perhaps looking for a reason to reject Atheism and began the journey toward their Savior. I must admit a little gloating satisfaction when clarity of thought wins the day in these debates.