Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu Surprise, "Not As Bad As Initially Thought"

I was standing in line at airport security and a young couple asked me if I knew if the TSA provided surgical masks. I said probably not. For some reason the young man began explaining to me that the Swine Flu had not occurred when they had left for vacation. In an attempt at humor I suggested that they simply not breath. Then, it occurred to me what the real problem was so I continued: "OR you could turn off your TV. Yea, that's probably your best bet, just turn off your TV."

I heard the headline this morning "Swine flu not as bad as initially thought". My question was "thought by who"? I wonder if the wild eyed breathless anchor babes actually believed what they were reporting? They probably did, but they believed it for you, not for themselves because they are the Rajah (shameless ref to a prev. post) looking down from the balcony giving sight to the blind by their words of wisdom. And what about the CDC? Is it filled with a bunch of Barney Fifes running around in panicked hysteria?

Now there might have been a serious problem, I don't know, but the hype and hysteria I saw in the media was over the top and probably qualified as crying wolf. This begs the question what are we going to do when there's actually a real wolf?


Kristi said...

TURN OFF YOUR TV... best Swine Flu advice ever.

Kathy said...

As for the pandemic....the REAL pandemic is relying on unredemptive opinion, and letting someone else do the thinking for us. Forgive us Lord, and help us find the brain that You gave us as well as that remote!

Dan said...

look mom, no videos!

Stan said...

I had to laugh last week when two consecutive news stories went like this. "CDC says masks won't do any good against the virus." "We're running out of masks!"

Sigh. I don't think they're listening to themselves. Why should we?

Nancy said...

Thankfully many of us have a "Book" with special hints and tips for chasing away the wolf and other rabid creatures... unfortunately many that have the "Book" have not read it.... and some need encouragement in application of the instructions...And for the others...We just need to tell them the STORY!

Elizabeth said...

Great advice Danny!

Dan said...

Kristi, It works almost every time it's tried.

Stan, I pretty much don't.

Nancy, I must admit, you have the better antidote.

Susan said...

Amen!! And amen to Kathy & Nancy's comments, too. Oh that we would truly read the "Book" and then truly "Tell the story".

Dan said...


I had a good laugh when I read Kathy's comment especially: "as well as that remote".

Elizabeth, thx, glad you stopped by