Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Additions To The New World Order American Dictionary

At the top right hand corner of this page is a link to the New World Order American Dictionary. The following words are the latest additions.

Arrogance - Any assertion contrary to the assertions of elites that no assertions can be made.

Big Tent-The tent to small for conservatives.

Climate Change-"Global Warming" when the climate doesn't cooperate.

Controversial-A word used to describe all conservative viewpoints and assertions.

Debate-a process which occurs after a Democrat or a representative from his party makes an outrageous statement or proposal. It occurs as liberal commentators using any means necessary, including but not limited to spurious and/or misleading arguments, or polling data to explain on nightly TV why conservatives-normally represented by one token conservative-are not only wrong, but are hateful and mean spirited for daring to disagree.

Equality- the Marxist phrase "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" in a word.

Public School-Democrat factory.

Division-the result when people disagree with Democrats.

Diversity - A sophisticated form of oppression by patronization whereby certain groups are deemed victims and then, for the purposes of making those who deemed them as such feel good about themselves while at the same time keeping the victims in their place, insist that the victims remain under their guardianship lest they suffer oppression.

Global Warming-the "bad place" in the religion of Environmentalism reserved for the world when it's inhabitants commit the sin of attempting to achieve a standard of living equal to that of the priests

Greed-disagreement with Liberals on fiscal policies. note: Greed is one of the few sins for which those who do not believe sin exist can show self-righteous indignation. Much of this indignation can be heard though the mega phone of popular media by self-righteous Hollywood types like Michael Moore and prominent news media types such as Chris Matthews who are themselves filthy rich.

Hate Monger-A person who all can hate guilt free.

Judgmental-The idea that no one can judge others' ideas ... except when you are judging an idea that you consider judgmental.

Mainstream- The prevailing thought that the extremist and leftist Hollywood types and media elites think that Americans should have.

Multiculturalism-What remains when a society's individual parts are greater than the whole.

Opinion-A heading under-which all truth claims contrary to those of the Democrat Party are placed.

Right Wing Extremist -a person who sees the actual words in the constitution as the ultimate law of the land.

Separation of Church and State-a pseudo constitutional amendment perpetrated by the ACLU that adds these three words to the first amendment after the first part of the first sentence: "but judges may". Therefore the first amendment must be read and interpreted as thus: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, but judges may".

Tolerance-The notion that everything is not only tolerated, but accepted and encouraged ... except, of course, for intolerance.

Unity-The result when either conservative dissent is quashed, or in the highly unlikely event that everyone agrees with Democrats.


Kristi said...

I see you saved the best for last...

Susan said...

These are so great. Each & everyone deserves its own post :o)

Mary Lee said...

My favorite: Public School-Democrat factory.

Anonymous said...

I was about to type the same thing as Mary Lee. You said it!

Anonymous said...

Better than Webster! Kudos.