Thursday, May 7, 2009

Political Science, An Oxymoron?

There seems to be a push underway to paint those who oppose Democrats as anti-science. Their big guns in this effort are Evolution, Stem Cell Research, Environmentalism, and the blowhards at MSNBC. From this foundation they are building their case that if conservatives are given power, they will stymie scientific achievement. Never mind that the great technological achievements of the 20th century occurred under the watch of a mindset that would today be considered right-wing extremism.

I am, as were the founding fathers, sceptical of anything tainted with politics, and science is no exception. Science is science, but it ceases to be so when knowledge is replaced with power as its objective. Under such conditions science begins to look more like political campaigns in which the only data allowed is that which supports a political position, then is used like a bully's club by those with the biggest mega-phone. These kinds of shenanigans result in a science where research is based on conclusions, rather than conclusions on research. This is not science at all, just typical Democrat politics.


Anonymous said...

Good points. My favorite retort to the claims that we are supposedly anti-science is to see if they are pro-life (they are usually not) then point out to them the scientific fact that a new human life is created at conception (hey, at least that's what all those pesky embryology textbooks say!).

They either have to deny the science or shift to philosophical arguments about viability, personhood, etc. I just keep pointing out that those aren't scientific arguments. You get to make a case for life and dismantle the "Christians are anti-science" canard at the same time. It drive's 'em crazy ;-) . The arguments are so powerful I have to remember to be gentle with them.

Susan said...

An oxymoron for sure.....held by moron's for sure! Sorry I'll stick with the scientist who back-up "In the beginning ..... GOD" and I might add.....In The End....GOD! It was Alpha & Omega I believe.

Dan said...

Thanks Neil.

It's amazing, isn't it, the mental calisthenics man is willing to engage in to deny the fact that he is not the final authority. Thanks for your advice, I'll have to try it.

I'm with you Susan

Pat Jenkins said...

happy mothers day to every mom you know d.w.!!!

Larry Durham said...

I think environmentalism is closer to a religion than a science. And Al Gore is the patron saint.

Excuse me, I have to go now and absolve my environmental sins by recycling a couple of plastic grocery bags.