Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pastor Bill Willson

By far one of the most influential people I have ever heard speak is Pastor Bill Willson of Metro Ministries. He spoke at Belmont Church in Nashville Tennessee where I was then attending. There were three services and after hearing him speak, when I learned that all his messages would be different, I sat through all three. He didn't mince words and I was shocked at what I can only call his hardcore Christianity. It was a wonderful departure from anything I'd seen before, or since, and he was severely challenging to say the least.

After thinking about this man lately I found an interesting YT documentary on his ministry.

Part 1

Part 2


Susan said...

Thank you!!! We have seen Bill Willson several times on TV and are always moved by him. Actually, instead of "moved" I would say "humbled" because it makes me so aware of how little a cost we have been willing to pay.

I just read on America Right about the woman who complained about being delayed in traffic due to a funeral procession for a wounded soldier and then came here to read this. Certainly shows the contrast between selfish and giving in a few minutes time.

Appreciate you so much Danny. You always make us THINK!!!!!

Mary Lee said...

Very good documentary. Very inspiring. And, as Susan said "you always make us think"! That is the essence of great writing.

Kathy said...

Danny, these are great videos on Bill Wilson and Metro Ministries. Because we have been blessed to see him a couple of times we both have some memories of how seriously he takes talking about what he does: like telling the kids in the balcony to be quiet, telling the Mom whose baby was crawling up the steps while he was speaking to come and get it...those examples seem small maybe, but the point in sharing them is that he took EVERYTHING very seriously-raising funds for children who didn't have a chance unless they had money to run their ministry was one of them. He is all about the gospel and saving lives. That is EVERYTHING to him, and I am challenged by his level of sacrifice.

Steve said...

Very inspiring.

Thanks for sharing!

kymber said...

Wonderful videos! Thank you so much for sharing them. I was very moved. I am so touched by how he was able to see God's vision for his life and USE the pain that he grew up with in such a powerful way.

What a great man - he is truly inspiring - He has shown me that we can ALL serve the LORD in the circumstances He has placed us in.
Praise be to GOd that He calls ME as well - to serve Him. I am inspired!
Blessings to you,

Joe said...

I had never heard of Bill Wilson. Thank you for the video and thank God for Bill's testimony.