Saturday, March 17, 2007

The cure for that pesky ailen feeling

As a Christian, are you plagued with that bothersome alien feeling? Well follow these ten easy steps and you’ll be feeling right at home in this culture in no time at all. Promise!

  1. Watch lots of T.V.
  2. Make sure to always take in the latest and hottest movies.
  3. Watch lots of T.V.
  4. You'll find the morning drive time radio station personalities can be a treasure trove of wisdom in alleviating this problem.
  5. Watch lots of T.V.
  6. Never take prayer and Bible reading too seriously, those things are best left to professionals on Sunday.
  7. Watch lots of T.V.
  8. Be closed minded concerning the existence of Objective truth.
  9. Watch lots of T.V.
  10. Listen to lots of AC/DC.

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