Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Spirit Of Big Mother, Also Known As Feminism.

To be funny, humor is always dependent on an element of truth.  That's why this clip from "The Christmas Story" qualifies as humor:


It's a great caricature of the "Mother" spirit that gives us a little chuckle.  But the Mother Spirit, in reality, is far from funny.  It has bound the American people, much in the same way that this Mom bound up her son, in "protection"... for his own good you see.

I took this picture at a construction site in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Unfortunately, this is not a Caricature, it's real life.  This poor man is living the invasive oversight of his overly protective "Mama" government.

Yesterday I went for a walk with my daughter.  We needed to cross the street and we saw big Mother advising us that it was not safe to do so just yet, even though there was no car in site in either direction.  I took our lives into my own hands and broke her protective law.  I crossed the vacant street against Big Mother's lighted hand, and hoped to not get arrested for child neglect, reckless endangerment, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, or Jaywalking.  Even though that dangerous adventure came nowhere close to the adrenaline high that I got from skydiving, I did succeed in saving a couple of minutes.

I was in Canada recently and when the moving sidewalk in the airport ended I felt a certain peace that didn't belong.  I wondered what it was, then realized Big Mother wasn't there warning me that if I didn't pay attention I might skin my knee because the sidewalk was ending.  I began to pay attention elsewhere and you know what, I noticed that big Mother was also absent on the escalator.  There was no voice warning me that if I didn't hold onto the handrails I might fall down... and to beat all, I actually survived without a scratch.  It was very strange in a very good sort of way.  It made me think of the possibilities.

The effects of Big Mother are many, and far-reaching.  I have a large storage building in my backyard for example.  I desire to take the existing roof off, increase the pitch, and add a loft office.  This improvement would require the purchase of resources like lumber, sheet-rock, wire and that sort of thing.  But, as you might have guessed, Big Mother stands before me, arms folded.  It seems that my outbuilding was built before Big Mother's liberty stealing and economy crushing encroachment had reached it's current extreme.  She is worried you see that because it was built too close to the property line, and IF it caught on fire, why it might burn down Little Tommy's utility shed next door.  We certainly can't have that!  Poor little Bobby down at the hardware store will just have to forgo my purchases at his little shop, because Mother knows best.  Besides, if Bobby goes out of business because Big Mama has prevented my purchases, why Big Mom will take care of him anyway.

On 911, Big Mother promised to protect us, but she failed.  A few real men with box cutters took over airplanes filled with castrated men, and killed them.  These castrated men had been trained by Mom to depend on her for their wellbeing.  By the time the dormant manhood had been awakened in the hearts of the men on flight 93, it was too late.  Not to worry though, Big Mother created a whole new bureaucracy called "Homeland Security" so that we don't have to worry about anything like that ever happening again.  Men can now re-enter their sedated castration without concern.

And then we have this:

These are soldiers fighting the war on terror in, you guessed it, camouflage.  We can all hope that these poor souls were not required to wear them in places that would have made them excellent targets for snipers, but who knows. To do that would require common sense, and when it comes to mother, and her child's safety, such sense is in short supply.  She's going to protect her little boys if she has to kill them to do it. (Very interesting article here chronicling bureaucratic feminine madness. )

There is always a price to pay for everything.  To hand our security and freedom over to big Mother is a fool's errand.  She will not provide for us, nor will she protect us.  She will only enslave us.  She is no different than the average feminist who devotes her life to castrating men and then despising them for letting her do it, all the while swooning over the men who refused her knife.

The little boy in the video, I'm afraid, is a symbol of a reality that has become a little too real for comfort.  Our present reality has us gathered under Big Mother's skirt... for our own good, and this has happened so slowly that we don't even realize that we have become the very boy bound up in her protective clothing, who when he falls, is too encumbered with Mom's loving protection, to even get up.

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