Friday, October 25, 2013

At Least They're Honest

First there was liberal theology that diminished God and raised man.  Then there were liberal Churches that did the same thing.  I suppose this is the logical next step. It will be interesting to see how all the false teachers will compete with a church that is only distinguishable from their own by, of all things, a little honesty about their atheism.


Susan said...

This is exactly what has, and is, happening. Human's must have a "god" to serve and when it is not Jehovah God, the ONE and ONLY God it will be something else: a golden calf, the earth, the human body, the state, etc. So it should not surprise us that the 'god" to worship will be "there is no god".

Don't know how you find all these, Danny, but glad you do and share them with us and keep me better informed on just how far we are falling.

Dan said...

A friend sent this one to me in an email. I was halfway through watching it before I realized it wasn't a spoof.

Stan said...

Fascinated at the insanity. They want to incorporate "the best parts of religion", they claim, while removing "sin", "salvation", "a relationship with God" ... you know, the only part of Christianity worth actually having. Or how about this one? It is for people who "didn't believe in God, but did believe in good." Go ahead, guys, define that one if you can.

You hit the nail on the head, though, when you compared it to liberal churches. These atheists aren't seeking converts and neither or those churches. These atheists just want to do nice things for people and so do those churches. These atheists expect you to pay for it all and so do those churches. These atheists want all the best parts of religion without the substance, and so do those churches. Hmmm, I'm missing it. What is the difference?

Mike said...


The scary part to me was how much this video, visually, looks just like any other "church video" you can find on the internet today.

I wonder if liberal churches will start to compete or will they accept them?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Between Susan and Stan, they said most of what I was thinking!

But it's not just "liberal" churches which look like this. Those big "seeker sensitive" places look like this, because, after all, we have to win them with entertainment and programs and FUN!