Friday, July 5, 2013

Teaching Our Children Well

While our times are especially harsh for the young--our airwaves being filled with filth, immorality, and iniquity--we also have at our disposal a great tool for teaching our children: the internet.

YouTube, besides the fact that the owners are no friends of Christianity, is a great resource for showing in real life footage the hand of Satan in politics, entertainment, and the news media.

Below is a great example.  The slaughter of babies advocated by the Democrat party is Satanic. Below is a great video that will help you to indoctrinate your children against evil while they are still young and open to your instruction.

The pro-abort Dems are chanting "Hail Satan" as the pro-lifers are singing Amazing Grace.  'Nough said.

H/T Wintery Knight


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Ah, Satan worship. Well, it was the same "god" the Canaanites worshiped when they sacrificed their babies.

Susan said...

Breaks my heart. I never would have thought I would see, hear, read, know of so many of the things we are confronted with today. And, we know if the Lord does not rapture us out of here pre-trib we will see and sadly experience much more.

christian soldier said...

it is getting late -so-I 'll be back to view all of your videos --