Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You Just Can't Fight Some Things

My 10 year old son came home from Sunday School a few weeks ago and told me that they discussed "taking care of the environment" in their class.  I gave up on fighting such things a good while back.

It is difficult to fight some things, like the mixing of the religion of environmentalism with the religion of Christianity.  I can imagine it now.  "What's wrong with conserving resources?" Or: "Are you FOR polluting the planet?"  Can you see how easy it is to create a strawman out my unwillingness to turn Sunday School classes into another venue for anti-Christian Environmentalism?

That's why I love this commercial.  It portrays a warm pro-life theme that the most caustic and murderous abortion advocate of them all would not dare challenge.  (though I would be surprised if the management of Publix are anything but pro-abort liberals)

Hat tip Neil


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing.

Dan said...

Thank you for stopping by Susan.

Stan said...

So, I gotta know. Did you just let that "Guess what we learned in Sunday School today?" moment go by without comment or response? Without a fight, sure, but ...?

Dan said...

I think I'd already "poisoned that well" sufficiently. It was not "guess what I learned in Sunday School..." spoken as if something new had been learned. It "Guess what I learned.." spoken with incredulity.

Mary Lee said...

Hug a tree. :)