Sunday, June 19, 2011

Confusion, part three

Below is another thought pattern that brings about confusion. These contemporary patterns make their way ever closer to what is generally consider traditional "Church", and are born out of a desire to make Church more palatable to the masses. This pattern seeks Unity. Now while unity is laudable, it becomes an ugly thing when truth is sacrificed in order to bring it about. We must know that hiding truth leads to confusion.

In more severe cases the quest for unity has given way to a new theology known as "Emergent" theology. The churches that subscribe to this theology appear to have given themselves over wholly to unity, even at the expense of truth. Much of this fact is hidden due to the redefining of words. This can be especially seen in the redefining of Jesus. The real Jesus is exchanged for a symbolic Jesus upon which pet causes such as environmentalism, social justice, and self, can be placed. These causes are then elevated above the actual object of God's love for whom he gave his life on the cross to save: Man.

Except for the use of the same Christian words that have been redefined, this "Christianity" bears little resemblance to true Christianity beyond its worship customs. The redefining of words like love and compassion to suit modern day sensibilities is very confusing. Though such redefinitions help to bring about inner peace when all is well, it does precious little to carry one though the real trials and tribulations that are promised; not to mention the trials brought about by behaviors like premarital sex and divorce that come more easily as the result of a self-centered religion.

To a lesser degree, by giving in to the spirit of the age, many traditional churches are sacrificing increasing segments of truth at the alter of unity as well. They do this either outright, or in more passive ways by simply avoiding certain subjects or conflict. All of this increasingly contributes to an important fact. There is an increasing fog like confusion that now lays thick in Western Society.


Z said...

Hi, Dan...and Happy Father's Day..if you're a dad? I think you are?

I can't believe you posted on this as it's been so on my heart especially this weekend; have you heard of CHRISLAM? It's something Rick Warren and Bob Schuller are getting behind...
Did you know Jack van Impe is going off Christian television for now because TBN denied his exposing this "Muslim friendly Christianity" stuff that's happening?

Did you know that even Wycliffe Bible publishers are toying with removing Jesus's divinity because it's not unifying? Yup. Someone who knows a missionary with Wycliffe connections told me that yesterday.

and churches are reading the Koran now, so they appear open minded and UNIFIED? MY GOD.

There's a group called FRONTIERS now that's supposedly Christians reaching out to muslims but the muslims are calling the shots, from what my friend told me......

Pretty soon, we'll be hearing ROCK OF AGES from minarets....and our poor denominations have never been more divided;
The country's divided, muslims and illegals are licking their lips...
And our faith is divided and faltering; muslims are pouncing.

ugh. Sorry to sound so negative but couldn't resist after reading your excellent post.

Some Happy Father's Day, huh? Thank GOD we have HIM to trust........the very divine Jesus!

Craig and Heather said...

There is an increasing fog like confusion that now lays thick in Western Society.

In many ways, this is so, so true.
Several of the movements today mimic individual, biblical instruction. Care for the poor and needy becomes a platform for state-enforced liberal humanistic-socialism; do not judge has been twisted into "pretend there is no standard of right and wrong so everyone's opinion is valid"; responsible stewardship of that which has been entrusted to us has translated to evolutionary-driven radical veganism and ecology; "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" has morphed into the demand that everyone approve of things which the Bible clearly calls sin. The tentative connection to the truth really can sometimes make it hard to discern the line between God-honoring concern for others and a selling out to wordly ideologies.

Often, I fear being part of the problem as I can be somewhat impulsive and rather pacifistic

I'll echo Z's happy Father's Day wishes :)


Susan said...

The line is being drawn in the sand, and unfortunately very few will be on the side of Truth and the Bible as given by Holy Ghost inspired men so many years ago. The remnant is truly going to be very small but thankfully there is a remnant. We just need to be 100% positive that we are part of that remnant.

Dan said...


That's an interesting list of happenings. Being a septic at heart my first reaction to some of these things, like Chrislam, is... well skepticism. I'd be very interested in knowing more, especially concerning Chrislam. All the research I've done on Chrislam has been a dead end. Still, what does it say about our day when such a thing is so plausible? I've heard of some of the other things you mentioned; others, like "Frontiers" and Wycliffe denying Jesus' divinity, are news to me. But again none of it, in this day of confusion, is surprising.

Oh and thank you for the Father's day wishes. I am the proud father of two!


I am with you in the fear of being part of the problem. We have to be so careful today not to fall into what I have come to call Rut Think when it comes to compassion for the poor. So often, as you pointed out, such calls have nothing to do with compassion but everything to do with advancing a secular humanest agenda.

Thank you too for the Father's day wishes. Pass my Father's day wishes along to Craig as well if you please.


I couldn't agree with you more. I am looking so forward to our nearing visit with you.

Z said...

Not sure what you are skeptical about...that Chrislam is being encouraged? I doubt that word is being used; I think it's used as a pejorative by Christians for the 'movement', but it's happening, whatever it's called.
The Van Impe site has the information on his situation...

Anyway, I wish I were wrong, believe me.

It's that kind of thing that's going on and a philosophy that's growing. I hope your skepticism is right if you mean "is anybody taking it seriously?"
I pray not.

Timmy Jimmy said...

I touched on this unity that is put forth this past Sunday in my sermon. They want the gospel, but not one that convert, merely accepts. This is very subtle, but deadly in the long run.

I also quoted Hebrews 12:14 Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.

That is pretty clear. If you sacrifice holiness, God's Law, for unity, then a grave mistake has been made. True unity can never exist apart from true holiness.

Sandra said...

First time to read your blog Danny. Love the truth you type. Sounds like our churches are becoming more like the Unitarian Churches. I see that One World Religion forming.

christian soldier said...

as to training of tolerance-it came to my church 21 years ago- that is why I left ---
Homeschool - anyone...

christian soldier said...

BTW- are U still blogging?

christian soldier said...

let me know when you start posting again-OK