Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming To A NEA Unionized, Democrat Controlled Government School Near You

Teaching to not bully--Good
Teaching Homosexuality as normal--Bad
Using Bullied Children As An Excuse To Teach Homosexuality As Normal--Really Bad
Grade For California Schools-- F --

If anyone was wondering why prop-8 was so important for California, wonder no more. I have contended for years that homosexuals need access to your children through the government school system in order to make their lifestyle acceptable and to make those who disagree unacceptable. The extreme leftist California Supreme Court has opened that door. Do not be mistaken. This is coming to your school system, and by the time it gets there it may very well be criminal to disagree. Like it? Keep voting Democrat.

H/T Neil Simpson


Z said...

yes, isn't that charming?
Talk about robbing the children of their childhood.
I have always thought the same thing: confuse and confound children and the homosexual agenda feels cheered, relieved, normal.
I know gays who would NEVER EVER talk to children about this...ever.

But, the agenda types? Holy smoke; they should really be arrested and have the key thrown away.

Joe said...

California...there is nothing more that needs saying.

Neil said...

If the schools would say, "Some people do some really perverted things, but we shouldn't bully them because of that" then I'd be OK with that.

Stan said...

You know, Danny, that I'm your friend. I have to say, however, that I'm not entirely sure of the connection between "voting Democrat" and this kind of perversion and abuse. I'm also not entirely sure that access to government school systems is required. I think that they have done an admirable (probably the wrong word) job of convincing Americans that homosexual is normal. One study (by GLAAD) found that something like 41 out of 86 shows this last season had homosexuals prominent in their cast and stories. Some 51% now think that "same-sex marriage" is not a incoherent oxymoron, but a right. I think that, having convinced the public (called "sheep") by converting their minds via the media, finishing the job in schools becomes pretty easy.

I suppose that's why I don't think that "voting Democratic" is the problem. The problem is non-thinking voters who derive their perceptions of reality from TV news soundbites, "reality" shows, dramas, and sitcoms. "Sure I can see that giant piano hanging by a spider's thread over my head. The media told me it was a good thing! What's the problem?"

Dan said...


The reason I say that voting Democrat is the problem are many fold. Here are a few.

1. One of the questions that must be answered is a egg or chicken kind of question. I personally see education as the first "cause" that brought about the effect of TV programming that pushes this agenda into being acceptable. Had the "sheep" (which as you may know I contend that I am one here) been shown pro homosexual material just 70 years ago they would have rejected it outright. So what changed? My answer: education. Since education is run by government I think it is worth taking a look at the government mentality toward education... then and now. The first stop for that "look" is the bench, for they are the ones who played the initial crucial rolls in changing education, since a society educated differently would not readily agree to the changes that needed to be made in order to create the hoped for secular utopia. This takes us back even further, but suffice it to say that it wasn't Christians with a worldview that involved a true understanding of the condition of man, nor that believed that objective truth exists, that began the process changing the makeup of the bench. That bench started the ball of change rolling in earnest with a slew of rulings that basically gave the outwardly anti-Christ organization, the ACLU, and all their ilk, veto power over what was allowed in and out of our education system with their nefarious ends in mind. Every generation pumped out since, including ours, have become increasingly more steeped and indoctrinated which allowed them to turn up the heat even further with educational programs like the one shown in this video, which as far as I'm concerned is not the worst thing they're doing.

Now, fast forward a half century. Remember Bush's bench appointees that were filibustered? The Democrats know where their power resides and they were all, along with their allies in the press, willing to cast off all restraints to keep Bushes appointees out of office at all cost. Given the terms of judges, cleaning up the bench will not happen in our lifetime. And, given the years of their effect, the generations of people indoctrinated to the new relativistic worldview, the fact that the church has evacuated this field, and the ongoing effects of the fallout of this worldview I don't holdout much hope barring an act of God. But to be sure, it is all Democrat elected officials, and many republicans, who now see the relativistic world view as self-evidently true and who are in favor of keeping this activity going while at the same time criminalizing those who oppose it.

This is ongoing for me. IF I am wrong about this I need to know it. I am well aware that I am one of the few people who constantly point to a political party as a cause. I do this because so many take a solely materialistic approach to politics and so vote for materialistic reasons (government handouts and assistance) and do not connect the dots between those who are offering those handouts and their world falling apart.

Sorry for the length. I'm interested in your thoughts. Please, you of all people, point it out when you think I'm wrong!

Dan said...

change rolls to roles. Oh how I hate homonyms

Stan said...

Darned homos!

I guess I just see it differently. I agree that accessing school is necessary to finish the job, but I don't think that Americans would have bought this stuff 20 years ago. Nor did it seem like the changes came from schools, but from an ever degenerating set of generations.

Dan said...

IT was well on its way 20 years ago. I contend that the school system has played a key role in the deteriorating process of our culture. When we vote for Democrats we vote for liberal anti-Christ judges who will always side with the ACLU on educational issues. If you see it differently I would really like to know why or how.

christian soldier said...

the slow slide as outlined by Dewey and his cohorts at the turn of the last century w/ no opposition from anyone - not even our Christian leaders -anywhere is this country--in ALL STATES--not just CA--
We either get our act together-put a stop to such as the NEA-or we as a Nation die--

It's time!

Stan said...

The suggestion seems to be that the problem is "voting for Democrats" or "public schools". The biblical suggestion seems to be sinful humans. I would not contend that "Democrats" and "public schools" are the solely the venues of sinners while "Republicans" and alternative schools operate without sinful humans.

On the side, I thought you'd appreciate this from Andrew Tallman.

Dan said...

I see what you mean, and we agree on that point. But on a practical level, and using absurdity to make a point, couldn't the same thing be said about the Nationalist Party in prewar Germany? Of course, technically, it could truthfully be said that the raw material, man, was flawed and that it really wasn't the Nationalist Party at all, but their human condition that was the problem that led to the slaughter of millions of Jews. And on some level, that would be true.

But on a practical level, there is a world of difference today between voting Republican and Democrat, even acknowledging that the Republican party is not as clean as the wind driven snow on the matter. In fact, that very point is goes back to what you're saying, that the party is made up of sinful men. But how would the Republican party be different if Christians voted pro-life for people who belonged to a pro-life party where their supposed stand on life could actually make a difference?

Stan said...

The way it sounds is that if we'd just vote Republican, the world would be fine. The public school system would become a bastion of moral standards. Abortion would be abolished. The budget would be balanced. Just vote Republican and utopia is around the corner. On the other hand, for every Democrat voted into office, the world sinks a little deeper into sin and filth. Before long we can expect the end of all things if we keep letting Democrats run for office. I know! Save America! Shoot a Democrat!

That is, of course, not what you're saying. And it is, of course, taking a thought too far. But somewhere in "This is what you get for voting Democrat" and "The gays have taken over the public school system", it seems almost reasonable.

Most of all, to me, it seems like the answer is in voting Republican. It sounds as if our redemption is nigh if we can just get our politics right. Well, if politics is the answer, it wouldn't be found in Democrats or Republicans. So when are we going to start the Christian party?

Dan said...

I realize it can look that way. But we really only have two ways to vote. It seems as if we're stuck. If it's pointed out that voting one way ensures that our children will be indoctrinated into thinking that there is no God, homosexuality and other harmful sexual behaviors is normal right and good, and that there is no objective truth, it will appear as if we are saying that the other choice IS righteous and Godly. But if nothing is said, and no argument is made naming the party, so many Christians are swayed by their pap.

Stan said...

I'm just curious. Is the solution in the vote? Is the problem a political one?

Dan said...

Is the solution in the vote? The solution to what would be my question. The solution to the problem of having an education system that is hostile to Christianity I would say that the vote would go a long way to making the school system a little more hospitable. It would certainly go a long way to keeping this kind of garbage out of public schools.

Is the problem a political one? The problem is the heart of man and sin. But what does that mean? Does not love demand that we vote for better governments?

Stan said...

I just wanted to say that "pap" is a great word there.

Anonymous said...

I think what we are seeing is how those in Rome lived during Paul's day. The only real power is the gospel... but the preachers are not preaching it (that would be the majority of the preachers). People don't truly believe the Bible any more...

Dan said...


I've spent the last couple of months in Georgia. I've been amazed at the amount of Baptist Churches. There seems to be one on every corner. A relative was telling me recently that a man who had been attending her particular church for some time wanted to join the church. The church leadership said they would be glad to have him as a member but required that he stop participating in harming the poor by selling lottery tickets at his store. He got mad and left the church.

I've become increasingly convinced that the conservative South and the abundance of Baptist churches go hand in hand. I personally have never gone to a church that would take a stand like this due IMHO purely to the fear of man.

M MacFarlane said...

You have got to love California. Just another reason to homeschool!