Friday, April 8, 2011

Who Are They Talking To?

Harry Ried had this to say this morning:

"Republicans want to shut down government because they think there is nothing more important than preventing women from getting cancer screenings?" (source)

Now who was he talking to when he said this? The answer is simple, the politically unsavvy. He was certainly not talking to those who are going to pull the lever for "D"'s regardless of anything anyone might say or do. He wasn't speaking to those who understand that no nation can run trillion dollar deficits and expect to survive. That leaves those who kind of float and flitter this way and that depending on how they feel on a given day.

Like the baseball player caught between bases however, the options are narrowing for those running this way and that. Toward third base are slave making taxes, toward second are dreaded spending cuts. Stuck in the middle are the ones to which the media, leftist pundits, liars and others who are hoping to take America out by overwhelming it with debt are speaking. We shall soon see how persuasive the Reid's of the world were.

(update)Other comments that in a sane world would be outrageous:

In ’94 people were elected simply to come here to kill the National Endowment for the Arts. Now they’re here to kill women. Rep. Louise Slaughter D-NYsource

Wow, this is like having a front row seat to a civil war except the bombs falling out side are verbal. That was a big one. I wonder if Old Glory will still be there tomorrow?

Update II
"This is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians." Washington's Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton source

That one made the chandelier shake. I bet that sent some moderates scurrying somewhere. But where? Only time will tell.


Susan said...

They are in panic. With these programs, which are their base for re-election because of all the free givies, getting cut they know their "voters" will be angry and not vote them in again. Then what in the world will they do!!!

I'm mad at the R compromising on the Planned Parenthood. Can't they stand for anything that is right?!!!!

I like that Michelle says, we need to fight the BIG dog fights and issues.

Each day I say "How much longer Lord?" I am so ready for His return for us His people.

Dan said...


We are asking the Republicans to do the Church's job. Odds are you will go to church Sunday and hear diddly squat about this from the pulpit. My question is who is suppose to say something? The media? Follywood? Schools? These have all spoken and have put Republicans in a no win situation. The truth is there is only one institution that by design is meant to speak out and inform and that is the church via her pulpits... and those men are, for the most part, are not talking. My guess is that half of the people who would gladly sacrifice babies for their precious government checks are attending church on Sunday mornings. What makes this all the more troublesome is that, for those who are gov. employees, this is going to end of being a paid vacation. Their situation is being used simply to scare and appeal to emotion. Never mind the documented crimes against decency committed without fear of repercussion by Planned Parenthood.

Stan said...

I don't know what is more disturbing -- the fact that elected officials would make such blatantly false, misleading, incendiary statements or the notion that there are people who would believe them. You're right that these aren't aimed at 1) those who would already have voted for them or 2) those who know the truth, so there appears to be a reasonably large audience in between that is just a scary crowd altogether.

Z said...

ah, come ON, Dan....the left doesn't mean it! Only the Right should be chided and insulted for making remarks like that!

Stan, another thing is THE MEDIA, that's positively FRIGHTENING! If the Right had whispered half of one of these UNBELIEVABLE lies, don't you think we'd ALL HEAR IT? As it is, without actually watching it live as it's said or reading Conservative papers/blogs, Americans haven't heard them.

I do like Susan's suggestion that the left's nervous about the programs being cut and losing votes, but they'll be SO LOUD, with the complicity of THEIR MEDIA, in blaming REPUBLICANS that there's little worry about that.

Dan, good post. Man, what the left won't DO to kill as many babies as they can, huh?
The CHurch's have failed miserably....