Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Juxtaposition Of Sermons

My wife showed me this video from Face Book a few days ago. It is kind of funny and we both suppressed some chuckles.

I didn't say much before I went back to what I was doing. She soon asked me what I thought of the video, and did I think it was OK? Without answering, and with my computer in my lap, I went to You Tube and pulled up the following message somewhat randomly. I played it for her and then asked, do see the difference? Which one points more to a gimmick, or comedic-look-at-me-ain't-I-cute Gospel, and which one is serious?


Craig and Heather said...

Interesting contrast, Dan. Both speakers definitely were animated and emotional, yes?

However, Paul Washer's messages tend to be intensely focused on matters of deeper spiritual significance,and often impact westernized Christianity in areas that make us squirm. He doesn't need to resort to catchy little phrases or audience responses to get his point across.
I can usually only handle small doses.

Some have accused him of being a legalist or overly dramatic, but I believe the man is absolutely driven by a love for Christ and a desire to see the professing members of the body live out our full potential in obedience to God's direction. There is no question in my mind as to whether his passionate demeanor is real.


Dan said...

I agree Heather except that I can take more than small doses. Westerners are not often challenged. If that is not true for most, why it is certainly true for me. I need to be challenged.

Your comment about Washer being legalistic reminded me of a Leonard Ravenhill Quote:

“When there’s something in the Bible that churches don’t like, they call it legalism."

Craig and Heather said...

Unfortunately, that quote seems to be a pretty accurate statement in many instances.

My husband also appreciates being challenged by Mr Washer's approach. Perhaps personality comes into play in that some people may need to be approached in a more blunt manner than do others.

To be fair, I received a personal wake up call while watching a Washer message and have heard a few audio sermons on marriage and the Song of Solomon which I enjoyed very much.

Joe said...

I'll take Washer's approach any day.

Humor is best when subtle. The "F-You" sermon would have been better received if it had not been overdone.

Dan said...

I know Joe. The "forgive you" message was right on. I hope that when the laughter dies off they are able to take the message to heart. It is much easier to joke about something like forgiveness, when put in those terms, than it is to live it out.

christian soldier said...

Great posts - my friend--
Thank you for your prayers and well wishes!!