Friday, March 11, 2011

A Tale Of Two Equalities

America has always been about equality. The very document around which its birthday revolves introduces the idea "created equal" in its second sentence. Sadly, as is typical for these times it would seem, the very word "equality" has been corrupted so that we now have one word with two meanings.

Due to the education system's programming, most, I would argue, interpret the word "equality" from a socialist's perspective. This means simply that equality is seen through the lens of outcome. Outcome is key. One must realize however that to accomplish the lofty goal of equal outcome, liberty must be compromised, or even abandoned, for liberty by its very nature creates the opposite of equal outcome. Free men simply engage in unequal pursuits.

The equality mentioned in the Declaration of Independence however reflects a different meaning and understanding. This concept of equality simply seeks equality of opportunity. It desires that every person should be born with equal opportunity in as much as a limited government can provide such an environment.

Words have meanings. It is important that the meaning that is attached by the speaker is the meaning that is received by the hearer lest words simply become code talk to differing groups with differing designs. As for equality socialist style, government, limited or otherwise, cannot materially equalize all the inherent inequalities in our human experience. To attempt such is a fool government's errand and folly on a colossal scale. And when it is dispatched on this errand by those with high minded pie-in-the-sky utopian dreams, it will return, having squandered liberty, bereft of equality.


Anonymous said...

Excellent distinction. So sad the the Liberals can't see how critical it is. Equal opportunity? Great. Equal outcome? Ridiculous.

Susan said...

Our country is on a slippery slope for sure. BUT God!!!!

Z said...

I agree with both of your commenters wholeheartedly....

excellent post, bumbling at all :-)

It's almost like liberals just don't understand that (pardon my language) "sh-- happens!" All can't be equal, bad things happen, all can't get the same education... all can't get the same amount of money! OH, WAIT A MINUTE...they can with SOCIALISM!! NOW I GET IT! (smile)
get it?.....LIBERALS!