Sunday, March 20, 2011

Relax, It's OK, Obama Is A Democrat

If anyone is having difficulty reconciling the war-is-not-the-answer's dream president with Obama's war and his American bombs falling in Libya; don't feel alone. The only thing I can come up with as to how this could be is that he is trustworthy to do such things because he is a Democrat because he is an intrinsically good person. So, being a Democrat, we can trust his bombs will never kill Libyan children with flying shrapnel; or make Muslims want to blow American infidels up indiscriminately. But even if such horrors do happen don't worry, the media will make sure you don't hear about it; and that's the same as it not happening. As they say, you know: ignorance is bliss. Besides, we know he has good reasons in mind for starting a war. How do we know he has good reasons in mind? Because he's a good person because he is a Democrat. That makes it OK. So, we can turn calmly back to our shared American values of community organizing, Capital protests and what ever Sheen'ish scandal the tabloid minions are currently exploiting, confident that all is well.


Justin said...

I first made the profound realization of Democratic hypocrisy back in Gulf War 1. Being a young man raised on the correct propaganda/misinformation, I honestly believed Democratics were anti-war and would vote down Bush's invasion. They actually bothered to do a roll call back then for these kind of things, you know, kinda like the Constitution requires... Imagine my surprise when I found all the Democrats supporting war??? Whodathunkit?

Do they really fool anyone but kids?

Dan said...

"Do they really fool anyone but kids?"

The answer I would guess is yes, but only the suckers. Let me explain.

When I think of Democrats, I think of two entirely different groups of people from opposite ends of a spectrum. On one side there are the elitists intelligentsia types like Ron Schiller who like to paint the party as smarter, better informed and more grounded. But these types account for but a small wedge of the over all pie graph as I'm sure you're aware. The rest are the ones who give the elitist their power via the polls. This vast majority segment is made up of those who see government only as the great wealth equalizer; the get-even-with-the-rich party; and many more, if not most, who only see free money. This mass that represents the actual voting power enjoyed by Democrats could care less about any of this, they simply tow the party line for some promised reward. I think this post might actually reflect their thoughts on the matter; few there may be. So you can't fool people who could care less.

As to the rest, they are not fooled at all I'm thinking. They just see these glaring inconsistencies from the perspective of how they can be spun to keep the rest of the pie in the dark and beholdened. That leaves kids plus the true-to-heart pacifist anti-war suckers who water bucket just got dropped.

There is hope for the kids however, as your, and in fact my own, story proves. But the suckers are going to vote for their friends the Democrats even if they start lobbing nukes.

Z said...

Great job, Dan!
And great job to Jim at Susannah's on that excellent post by her black friend, by the way.
I wrote about LIbya and Obama for MOnday, too...come on down! !:-)

Dan said...

I've seen your Monday post already on my Google reader. I'm not sure how that happened.

Dan said...

By the way Z, I was thinking about that sarcasm font the entire time I was writing this.

ChrisB said...

I'd like this explained: Bosnia, Somalia, Libya -- why do Dems always and only get us into fights where we have no possible national interest?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Great post.

The claim is that we have to intervene in Libya to keep Ga-Daffy from killing his citizens. Yet what about all the other Islamic nations in Africa where Christians are killed by their governments on a daily basis, to where hundreds of thousands have died at their hands? I think the issue boils down to oil. If the people dying are just Christians in a non-oil country, then what do we care? But if a nut in an oil country gives us a reason to "intervene" we need to jump right in!

WHat a bunch of hypocrites!

Stan said...

When Democrats die, they are buried 20 feet down. The reason is that deep down they're really good people.