Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 2012 Obama Campaign Has Begun

The title is a misnomer really. President Obama is a professional campaigner who seems to always speak as if he is on the campaign trail about what he is going to do to fix the world's problems if elected reelected, and what the evil money grubbing Republicans are doing to thwart his saintly efforts.

But politicians are politicians, and campaigning is what they do... more or less. The campaigning of which I speak is not politicians however. It is being done by the propagandist organs whose continued attempts to pass themselves off as objective providers of "news" has reached the level of eerie.

Looking at the headlines in today's 8 page new's section of USA Today, Obama is mentioned three times. And lest we forget the face of evil, Bush is mentioned once.
  • Obama gets in some rainy-day bowling (why he just like you ordinary people)
  • Obama leads admired-man ranks (proof that figures lie and liars figure. Remember the drum beat on Bush's approval rating?)
  • Presidents often stiff-arm party loyalists (an everybody does it defense reserved for Democrats)
  • O.J., George W. Bush make this columnist's bucket list (The Title doesn't say it all... that is unless you don't read the article which winds up being not much more than the author's tooting of his own horn)
It's going to be a long two years of the puffing and vilifying we have come to expect from politicians... and as of late, the so called news media. The question I have is: with the golden ring of Utopia almost within grasp, how far will they go?

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Fredd said...

How far will they go, you ask, Bumbling. How far CAN they go, with the cavalry on the way in the House, expecting to take their seats on Jan 3.

I have to wait and see how this new GOP bunch handles their mandate. And it was a mandate, make no mistake here.