Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some Thoughts On Beauty

I spend a fair amount of time contemplating beauty. What is it? Why does it draw us and bring us joy? One fruit of this contemplation is the belief that beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder, even though we don't always behold the beauty that is there. The onset of relativism has tried to teach us the opposite. Yet we instinctively know that true beauty IS. Beauty is not relative, even though much of modern art screams in our faces with its ugliness that it is. Interestingly, those screams seem to be in symphony with the "no God" proclamations.

Following are three videos that depict beauty in a unique way known as a flash-mob. Performers are incognito in crowds and present themselves much to the surprise and astonishment of patrons.

The first video ends with a woman wiping tears from her eyes. My sentiments exactly.

The third, and my favorite, has the Philadelphia Opera singing the words "He [Jesus] will reign-forever, forever, forever... King of Kings... Lord of Lords... forever, forever, forever" in Macys. More tears, especially at the conclusion. Judging from the delighted faces, there appears to be a sense of Joy and peace filling the mall. It is spectacular, beautiful and wonderful; mainly I think because of the expressions on the faces of those watching. Ohhh how I wish I had been!!!!


In Antwerp Station Belgium

This one Hat Tip Neil at Eternity Matters.


Joe said...

What a magnificent set of videos...especially the last one! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Excellent points about beauty. Sure, we have some individual preferences on some things, but people know that flowers are beautiful and many other things are not.

Mary Lee said...

Watched all 3. Excellent!

Z said...

Super videos..funny that I posted the MESSIAH one yesterday...and my post on the Chinese urn has some incredible comments in line with your remarks re art, beauty, etc.

Anonymous said...

lol very nice you know whats funny is that an old teacher of mine sent me an email today just before i saw your blog of the hallelujah chorus in Maceys i think it is so cool people don't understand why it is so amazing to see so many people doing the same thing in unison, but if you look at their faces when the first person starts they think its just some crazy dude or dudette just being dumb, then when more people join in then it's ok. I think people just don't want to get out of their comfort zone. very nice post Danny beauty is definitely not in the eye of the beholder people just confuse beauty with lust sometimes.

Craig and Heather said...

Beauty is not relative, even though much of modern art screams in our faces with its ugliness that it is. Interestingly, those screams seem to be in symphony with the "no God" proclamations.

Wonderful observation.

God's very nature is the standard and only source of anything good.

And truly beautiful things possess a sense of His orderliness, purity and purpose that does not assault one's senses in a way that leaves him feeling as though he has been mugged in an a dark, filthy alley.


christian soldier said...

people still love excellent vocal music-and-it is my stand that if the Church would start instructing our young in the true - classical vocal techniques - we would not have so many leave the Church-
Visual arts - too!

Anonymous said...

The reason I've always had trouble watching musicals is that I could just never buy the fact that right in the middle of the market, they would start singing with the accompaniment of a full orchestra. Guess I will have to rethink that now.

Great videos. :)

Susannah said...

I love this! Music - real music - is beautiful. Seeing God's hand at work in another life is beautiful.

Along these same lines, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my most recent post. Swing by when you have a few minutes.

Hope you & yours have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!