Thursday, November 11, 2010

The End Of The Road Of Envy

Heather from The Narrow Gate left this comment on my last post concerning the election:

"On the other hand, the exposed root of "leftism" may now be obvious enough to have shaken some out of the virtual coma..."

My hope is that the last two years will have indeed pulled the curtain back and put on display for all to see, not only the connection between the leftist governing "isms" of socialism, statism and communism, and the Democratic party, but more importantly the connection between the Democratic Party, and its Anti-Christ roots in laws and policies.

But when I look at the states that have already been lost to the abyss of envy such as California and Michigan, there is some thinking that seems to prevail over the obvious problems with their current track. That thought can be expressed in one simple statement:

"Better is it for all to be twice as poor than I be half as rich as my neighbor."


Craig and Heather said...

"Better is it for all to be twice as poor than I be half as rich as my neighbor."

Sobering thought, that. It resembles the attitude of "If I can't have it, then no one will".

And it brings to mind Jesus' warning concerning the impossibility of serving both God and "mammon".

There is no room in my heart for love of others (let alone love for God) when I'm primarily thinking about me. :(


Z said...

Man, you should see the women on fire in my 250 member bible study in California..and they're all OVER the state, in larger numbers than you'd believe.
But, it's true...there are a lot of dopes who actually believe that the Gov Brown was so bad last time, maybe he'll be really GOOD this time :-)

Susan said...

I think we are all aware we are at a pivital moment and time in our history.....I don't think any of us really know which direction this country is going to go. One thing we do know for sure....God is, always has been and ever will be in control. My prayer is we individually hear His voice.

Dan said...


Self centeredness, or as I like to put it, living at the center of the universe where you are the reference point for everything; good, evil, rich, poor, right, and wrong, I think can be found at the root of all that is happening. Unfortunately, the entire society pays the price for this folly.

Z As pessimistic as I can be, I do hold out hope for this country, though not in my life time. I've been thinking about a post along those lines, perhaps I will be able to put it together, but for sure, California sure threw water on my parade.


We are indeed at a pivotal point. I hope that we are all aware that we are not going to see satisfactory gains in the short term, certainly not in our life times. I have great long term hope for this country. IT is my sincere belief that the homeschooling movement is a movement ordained by God to raise up a generation free of the parasite to thinking that is the indoctrination of the public school system.

Dan said...

Also, sorry to all who work so hard and write so diligently, and who come by this humble little blog, for my lack of participation. These are times for me that are more demanding than most. Hope to be back in full swing soon.

Joe said...

Dan, your posts are so good that they are worth the wait.

But don't make us wait too long, OK?

Susannah said...

No need at all for apologies, dear Dan. We all have lives, right? Joe's right - your words are so thoughtful & provocative, the posts are worth the wait!