Saturday, October 23, 2010

Juan Williams

Here is a Victor Davis Hanson article that I think does a wonderful job of laying out the blatant hypocrisy in the firing of Juan Williams. Here are its points:
  1. for NPR to prove that it is even-handed in censuring controversial speech it would long ago have had to fire reporter Nina Totenberg for a long history of venomous partisan slurs (e.g., hoping Sen. Jesse Helms and his grandkids might contract AIDS).
  2. NPR CEO Vivian Schiller herself slanders Williams by suggesting that he talk with “his psychiatrist”—
  3. intolerant hard-driving Fox News has no problem with liberal Williams working for NPR; Fox knows its viewers don’t care whether liberal Williams works at a liberal network; NPR fears mightily that its intolerant audience can’t stand anyone who is associated with Fox?
  4. CAIR, the Islamic advocacy group, pressures NPR on Williams’s remarks, but gives a lifetime career achievement award to the anti-Semite Helen Thomas, who calls for the destruction of Israel by having the Jews “get the hell out of Palestine”
  5. Note the silence of the NAACP, which is usually the first to speak out when some African-Americans are deemed railroaded. By its present vote here, the organization simply gives a green light to go after African-Americans tagged not entirely liberal
  6. They apparently believe that society is inherently reactionary (family, church, community, government, etc.) and so they are not biased by openly advocating liberal positions as “balance.”

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Jim Jordan said...

That the NAACP said nothing is the most telling. The Left tries to control blacks by attacking any African-American who wanders from their plantation of liberal opinion. This is also why they attack conservative women so mercilessly and also the reason why Rick Sanchez was fired so promptly.

Dan said...

My sentiments exactly. Notice there have been no charges of racism against NPR. To do so would have the effect of cheapening actual charges. No, he simply stepped outside his very small tent, if only for a moment.

Susan said...

I'm just thankful that so many are rising up and defending Juan and taking a stand against the hypocrosy of NPR. It's about time that "we" are taking stands for what is right and getting over "Political correctness" which is a big lie!

Joe said...

"O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us." Robert Burns

Applicable to NPR.