Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Epithets Galore

The proverbial cow being birthed in the halls of academia and the media elite over the German Chancellor's words "multiculturalism has failed, has utterly failed" will undoubtedly unleash an increased spewing of epithets. Not the epithets that we are use to seeing swished away by the tail of the mama cow of political correctness mind you. No, I'm talking about the epithets that are as necessary to the survival of this cow as the hate that courses her udders is to the intelligentsia and their clone wannabes that suck there. These epithets are aimed at mostly middle-class conservatives, the most popular of which is either "bigot"--a favorite-- or some other word with the suffix "phobe" attached.

The sad thing about this however is that the PC crowd was at one time correct in their disdain for epithets. This correctness was once drawn from plain old civility, respect, and the deference to human dignity. I guess there is a price to pay for relegating all of humanity to the meaninglessness of pond scum, even if the ones relegating refuse to see themselves, and their corralled ideas, in that light.

Soldiers develop inhuman names for their enemies so that it is easier to kill them. Similarly, the epithets being hurled from on high today make it easier to ignore dissent. These epithets keep opposing ideas and those who hold them pigeonholed as immoral; the ever changing morality of which is drawn from some vacuum somewhere that evidently only the "intelligent" can tap. Better to pigeonhole, I guess, than to defend your argument, or to condescend to the light of critique and reason, or worse yet, to humbly consider the possibility of being wrong.

Things never change, it seems, no matter how smart we are or how much we think we know. Man is ever repeating his errors and proving the wickedness of his heart. What an amazing sight here though: to watch the closed minded who claim to be the most open minded among the peoples; the self-righteous loathers of the self-righteous; the ideologue detesting doctrinaires, glaringly morph into the very thing they so hate.


Z said...

I hope you see my post on this...my husband was German and my stepchildren live there, I've lived there, too.
Merkel is SO RIGHT, I"m just sorry it took her so long to respond to the original statement that got leftwingers so riled.
TRUST ME, it's not just leftwingers saying "multikulti" doesn't work anymore..even FOREIGNERS who've schooled themselves in Germany and speak the language are against foreigners RUINING THE WESTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.

Joe said...

Our ancestors practiced assimilation, the antithesis of multiculturalism.

They came legally, learned the language and adopted the American way.

Today we're expected to let them in illegally, learn their language and change our ways.

Where do you think THAT will lead?

Kathy said...

"...epithets that we are use to seeing swished away by the tail of the mama cow of political correctness..."

I loved this and had to say so. Now I'll finish reading your post!