Thursday, July 1, 2010

The World V Marriage, a comment

Stan at Winging It did a post on Marriage today that is well worth reading. Following is A well written comment left on his post The World V Marriage that is just as important by Stacey from Scotland.

I live in Scotland. Scotland is a bastion of liberality, total-control politics, and the "nanny state." In fact, the nanny state, while telling us we cannot help our neighbours due to the possibility of a lawsuit, is also the forerunner for government support of all things aberrant (e.g., your tax money paying for the unwed teenage mother to have her baby, get paid for it, and be given a house, to boot). Marriage is completely mocked over here. I live in a village of 1800 people. Most of the adults are "co-habitating." The favourite word here is "partner." Everyone has a partner, but no one has a spouse. People are seriously opposed to marriage here because chances are, they will lose their state benefits. Anyway, in a village this small, everyone is related to everyone else, usually because of sleeping around. They all share mothers and fathers. The school system is a nightmare, trying to keep up with who is related to whom. So, if your commenters think marriage is not under attack -- think again. Europe is usually a bit ahead of America when it comes to all things liberal and bad. The UK, and Scotland in particular, has completely marginalized the Christian faith; churches are empty or up for sale; marriage is a relic of the past; and it is no big deal if a kid has no clue who his father is. Commonplace. And very scary.

My husband and I are Christians. We are mocked all the time. The people in this village are angry at us constantly, and all we are doing is living a quiet life, doing our best to keep marriage sacred. The sad thing is, if we slept around and hung out at the pub "religiously" every weekend, we would be completely welcomed and no one would say a word against us.

Your blog is right on about the ills of society, and my husband and I are living in a society that has long since thrown in the towel. Whatever view of the UK it is that Americans hold, I can tell you, it is antiquated and inaccurate. The UK is a mess. And UK culture is swimming in sin.

One final example: a radio ad for a product called IRN BRU. It is a high calorie, high sugar canned drink. The ad features a young man singing and whistling about his wonderful girlfriend, until she drinks his IRN BRU. Then, he tells us gleefully that she is a "numpty," (American equivalent: moron), but he's okay because now he's "shagging my girlfriend's mother." We complained to the appropriate authority here about this ad, and the response: it is totally in line with British culture and they see no reason to pursue our complaint.

Americans: if you want to see what could become of the country, look to the UK. It's a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

Who is it who wants to undermine marriage? Practically everybody these days.


Susan said...

That is where we are heading if the Church doesn't take a stand and quit preaching the "social" gospel and start preaching the wages of sin. Every day I get out of bed I wonder what new "information" will come blasting it's way into our home. May God help us.

Anonymous said...

you know i haven't ever really been very good at expressing how i feel about things, but this is one subject that i am extremely sad and disheartened about. not just marriage in the world, but the sexual immorality of it and the influence of everything and everyone on the world. It's quite funny to me how everything "Bad" in this world is somehow linked together by some sort of evil force.

The sexual immorality is everywhere you look. in the mall you cant walk around for more than 10 min with-ought seeing a poster with a woman who might be in lace underwear and a seductive look in her eye. you cant go ten min with-ought seeing an add that suggests sex is alright with no matter who. you cant go to a movie anymore with out seeing some form of sexual things even if its "suggestive humor" as they call it in PG-13 movies now isn't that right? Even music videos and video blogs and youtube videos. they all must have some sexual humor or "or suggestive theme" to be considered entertainment!

I know i am of course only talking about media right now, but i think that media is whats influencing America the most right now and its not just in teenagers.i know that even parents are getting tired of trying to teach their kids the right and moral way, but they eventually give up because the world we live in is pretty strong in its influence. Our world we live in is now teaching teenagers like me and even younger that there is no consequences for their actions including having sex, babies, drugs, and everything else. Their being taught that everything should be given to them right then and their with ought working or earning what they want.

Now of course I've gotten off of topic about marriage, but you can see how all of this somehow ties back to why nobody thinks they should get married anymore especially not teenagers who think the whole world supposedly revolves around them and not to say every teen might think that, but marriage is definitely not something someone gives you and its a piece of cake your whole life you have to work on it. forever but this generation doesn't know how to work for things. marriage isn't something where you can think the whole world revolves around one person, because you will have a lot of problems from that i guarantee that. if something isn't done with the media if something isn't done with the influence on America's children and adults then marriage will never be consider a smart thing to do to anyone.

and of course i have only been married two weeks but i've lived in this world long enough to see and know how a lot of the people here are. and maybe it is just America and apparently Scotland or maybe even just phoenix? i dunno but something needs to be done.

Dan said...


I'm not sure anything can shock me any more.


We don't have a lot of say in this world but we do have a lot of say in our homes. You have the opportunity to build the marriage and the life that God gave you on a different foundation than the world is offering, and to do it from the ground up. You have people around you that you can lean on and glean from, not only in knowing what not to do, but most importantly in knowing where to set your sights. I am proud of you, and proud to be considered a friend.

Joe said...

Left to its own devices, mankind will degenerate into savagery of one kind or another. Only mankind will not recognize it as such.

Anonymous said...

thank you danny