Friday, July 23, 2010

Appeasing Islam

I'm not the smartest turnip that ever fell off the truck but even I realize the truth about appeasing the Radical Islamist; a truth that seems to have eluded some of the smartest amongst us.

There are exactly two ways to appease them; no less, no more.
  1. Convert
  2. Die
Voters would serve their own self interest to learn this.


Dan said...

Dear Friends

I have had more than my fare share of issues arise this year which combined have limited my ability to participate in the blogging world, a world I have grown to love and cherish, probably to a fault.

My hope is that the dust will be settling soon and I will return to reading and posting on a more regular basis.

Thank you to all who come by here.

Your friend


Susan said...

Even though your posts have been few and far between they "meat" they supply is always worth the wait and very "filling". Look forward to hearing more from you :o)

Yes, there is no appeasing those who want us "the great satan" and Israel wiped off the face of the map. I've got word for them......our God has the last and final word!!!!!

My veritifcation word is "distorr". I found that interesting since it is so close to "distort" which is exactly what they do to the truth.

Stan said...

And still I read you and enjoy it every time you post.

Craig and Heather said...

There are exactly two ways to appease them; no less, no more.

1. Convert
2. Die

Unfortunately, this is true.

I've enjoyed reading your posts and hope the dust is only a result of the busy-ness of life, rather than serious illness or other trauma.


ExPatMatt said...


You are not wrong.

Looking forward to more frequent posts form you in the future!


Kristi said...

How true (and sad) this is!