Monday, June 8, 2009

"Against Men Who Suppress The Truth"

Romans 1:18:

  • The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who "suppress" the truth by their wickedness.

  • Suppress-NT:2722katecho (kat-ekh'-o); from NT:2596 and NT:2192; to hold down (fast), in various applications (literally or figuratively).

This scripture has always reminded me of a coil spring being actively forced from its natural state at the expense of energy; a state to which it will return once the force is removed. For the one expending this energy, in the end he will eventually exhaust himself and will be left to watch as the spring naturally returns to its preformed shape.

For the last few decades, Romans 1 has been of particular interest as pressure is applied to natural law in order to deform it. We seemingly helplessly watch as what was once unimaginable and aberrant behavior transposes before our very eyes into culturally normal behavior. This pressure comes at an enormous expense as resources and energy, which could be put to better uses for the betterment of man, are diverted to buoy the notion of an alternate and impossible to achieve utopian universe. The quest of such a universe can be summed up in the history of man as a Sisyphean Task as he pours his essence and energies into rolling a rock away from its natural point of rest only to watch it roll back again.

Proposition 8, for example

In a truly poor country where people generally are more interested in their next meal than redefining words, events like the recent Proposition 8 campaign in California would seem absurd. Such is a luxury enjoyed by wealthier cultures that have resources to waste. A study of the resources gobbled up by prop 8 is telling. According to a report by KCAL:

"Ten days before the vote on Proposition 8, campaign finance records show
that total contributions for and against the measure have surpassed $60 million,
according to an analysis by The Associated Press"

"The figures for each side are actually higher because these totals do not include most donations under $100 and contributions under $1,000 since Oct.

And this was but one campaign, albeit the most expensive, of many similar ones. The amount spent nation wide on this one issue, if known, would no doubt be positively staggering. Moreover, these numbers are in reference only to the proposition campaigns themselves. They do not take into account energy expended in the form of time and money for such activities as ensuring that pro-homosexual content remains in nightly TV programming; or the production of TV programs, magazines, and documentaries with their sole purpose being the presentation of homosexuality in a positive light, and/or the opposition in a negative light. Liberal churches, government education institutions, unions, community organizations such as the PTA and Girl Scouts of America, the Democrat Party and homosexual organizations proper who expend time, talent and resources for the purpose of disseminating and maintaining a deception also cannot be ignored. And then there is the cost of incessant polling to test how the media propagated deceptions are coming along in the minds of the masses. All and all, the resources and energy amassed are no less than daunting.

Ultimately the opposition to homosexual marriage is dwarfed in comparison. The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization, was the single largest contributor in favor of Prop. 8 in California, along with a handful of other conservative organizations, but by far the most powerful opposition came from conservative churches, or more truthfully put, by the people who attend them; for contrary to what it would seem most believe, Sunday mornings are not weekly gay bashing sessions. As for the pro-ponents of same sex marriage Kcal reported:

On the No side, wealthy individuals making million-dollar gifts account for
all but one of the gay marriage ban's top six opponents. The California
Teachers Association, the state's largest teachers union, is first, having
pledged $1.3 million to fight the initiative.

With the disproportionate amount of resources and energy expended in favor of homosexual marriage, especially when considering the ancillary support enjoyed in recent history from leftist entities such as the news media and entertainment industry, the fight was exceedingly lopsided. Yet the State Supreme Court ruling that pulled the right for homosexuals to be married out of thin air, was overturned by way of constitutional amendment demonstrating that truth applies its own pressure naturally. But the defeated are not deterred. They are now looking for ways to apply more pressure, or find another way to override the will of the people, which doesn't seem that important when the will of the people is contrary to the will of some. So the pressure will be notched up at the expense of even more resources. We will be told in one form, shape, or another repeatedly through every medium possible that this is best and those who oppose it are bad people.

It is at this juncture that the homosexual marriage movement finds itself linked at the hip with what would appear to be every other leftist cause. Tyrannical regimes must take and control all dispensation of "information" for good reason; the truth must be actively and constantly held at bay, or perhaps more aptly put, the lie must be maintained. There should be no surprise, then, when leftist activist find themselves encamped with some of the most unusual of allies. Cognitive dissonance becomes the order of the day as self-deception becomes the first step in the lock-stepped march toward the ever illusive utopia.

As for Prop 8, for what purposes were these resources and energies expended? There were no laws which outlawed homosexual behavior. Furthermore California is a state which recognizes domestic partner benefits. So are we to believe that this was all for a piece of paper; a piece of paper ironically ignored now by most heterosexuals of similar liberal mindset? And when they do win, by the only way thus far they have been able to win anything-by judicial fiat, or oligarchy-are we to believe that they will simply return happily to their homes, piece of paper in hand?

The answer, of course, is no. Their inexorable march will continue, and with each victory on each front their march will draw them ever closer to their real enemy, which incidentally is not ultimately "truth" per se, but its Author.


Stan said...

Well written, Danny. I particularly liked the typo that made such a good point on its own - "Such is a luxury enjoyed by wealthier cultures that have resources to waist." And the reference to "cognitive dissonance" ... nice.

But, writing style (which I liked) aside, good points. Truth will out ... and the fight against truth is a fight against the Author of truth. We should remember that the next time we hear, "It's all about equal rights!" Umm, no, that's not right.

Dan said...

Thanks Stan. Those darn homophones are a mind field for the spelling challenged.

I meant to link cognitive dissonance.

Stan said...

"Mind field" ... I like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone else blogged on Romans 1:18 today as well. When I first read the Bible all the way through that passage stuck out the most. Yes, they are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness and spending lots of time, money and energy doing so.

Laura said...

Great post.

Understanding that verse is key to understanding the gay movement.

"...a piece of paper ironically ignored now by most heterosexuals of similar liberal mindset?"

I have also found this ironic. I believe many hetero couples should be entering into domestic partnerships rather than marriage.
Marriage is a God honoring institution whereas Domestic Partnerships are State honoring. If you want to suppress God in your life, choose a domestic partnership.

Also, I don't know if you are familiar with the website: Gay Christian Watch.

It is great at exposing how the gay movement is infiltrating the churches.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Very well written piece, Dan. Much of what you write on this topic sums up the overall war against the traditional culture in Western society.

Dan said...


"State honoring", that's a good point on domestic partnerships.

I'll check GCW out, thanks for the heads up. Great blog BTW, I've been stopping by.