Friday, March 6, 2009

She called 911, So

Latreasa Goodman is in trouble with the Ft Pierce police because she called 911 three times on March 4th because McDonald's was out of Chicken McNuggets. At first glance this would seem outrageous, but this is one time I'm agreeing with the perp.

There's a couple of things to consider here. It is the policy of the McDonalds in question that all sales are final. Goodman ordered her McNuggets, and as is the custom, paid before receiving her order. I suppose in the yellow McWorld of Ronald McDonald that constituted a sale but there's one problem; the restaurant didn't have any McNuggets to sell that day. The store was happy however to give Goodman something else on the menu but refused to return her money.

Granted, this is no reason to call 911 but consider her circumstances. She was probably educated in a government school where it was drilled into her head for six hours a day for practically her entire life that the government was the solution to all her problems. Furthermore she was likely not taught anything about how government works and what to do when a huge gigantic worldwide chain store basically steals her four dollars and ninety eight cents.

In addition to this, I'm sure she has cable TV and has seen this on the evening news. Perhaps, given Ft Myers' proximity to Ft Pierce, she was actually there when the video below was taken:

It no doubt is a new day and change has come. There is a man in the White House who obviously cares about the plight of people like Goodman, so perhaps he will personally step in and solve all her problems.

McDonalds on the other hand is trying to turn this notoriety into free commercial time for their tasty McNuggets. They have agreed with her that they had done wrong and offered to refund her money, plus a free meal. I'm not one to side with trial lawyers normally but with this is one I wouldn't mind seeing one take a nice little bite out of McDonald's year end financial statement.


Nancy said...

I think Mikey Ds was just trying to find a way to fund the health care that their employees are missing out on...Surely she shouldn't begrudge four dollar toward said health care...Besides just think of the health benefits she garnered...No telling how much longer she will live less those nuggets!

Susan said...

What is happening to our country? It's getting scary out there.

Larry T. Durham said...

Dan, I once went through a Mickey D drive through and ordered an egg mcmuffin. When I arrived home, I had a bacon, egg and cheese bisuit.

It has taken years of therapy to erase the trauma.

But at least I didn't call 911. ;)

Anonymous said...

Not to mention each McDonalds receipt and bag asks if the user is satisfied has a number in rather large print that goes to a phone desk full of friendly people in the US Midwest who are more than happy to take your complaint and send you coupons and let the store know they did wrong.

Dan said...

I didn't know that, of course they've never run out of my favorite thing, their basic hamburgers, while I was there. Yummy!