Monday, September 1, 2008

The Second Battle of Bull Katrina

The date was July 21st, 1861; the location, a creek called Bull Run near Manassas; a small town in Virgina about 20 miles south of Washington . The Union Army of Northeastern Virgina went out to engage the Confederate Army of the Potomac and would meet them at this location. Due to it's proximity to Washington and the predictable time and where-abouts they would meet, spectators, including members of the media and representatives from Washington and their wives dressed in their Sunday best, showed up to watch the coming bloodbath. Both armies were inexperienced, but both still put up a good fight that day with the outcome not for certain until the end of the battle when the Confederates routed the Union Army.

In the midst of the battle was a little house where an 85 year old invalid lady lay unable to leave. She was mortally wounded when her house came under attack from a battery of cannon.

The media and spectators were swept up in the Union route, and even though most Union soldiers performed heroically that day, for the most part the eye-witness accounts came from those journalist caught up in the chaos that ensued during the retreat. The reports that followed in the newspapers were devastating for Lincoln politically, and the cause he represented.

I can't help but see some similarities in mindset between Gustav and Bull Run. The known point of impact; the expectations of those involved, and the use of it to undermine an administration. The wild eyed anti-war, -Bush, -capitalism, -religion,
-America -whatever protesters of today and their friends in the media could not have conceived in their wildest dreams the event that was Katrina. Even the environmentalist got their pound of flesh in the logic-less debate that rages between the emotion based religion of climate change and reason. Though it would be too foolish even for the media to proclaim it, (Journalist still hold to a grain of self respect) it was certainly implied that had Bush signed the Kyoto Treaty, Katrina would not have happened; such is the landscape in which we operate during this current "information" age.

In a more sane time one might notice the problems with making something god that isn't, then giving it god like attributes. When the state becomes a people's god, it only stands to reason that that state ought to be able to control hurricanes. And if it can't, why it ought to at least be able to swoop down and pluck you off your roof. If it can't, there must be some evil hindering the state god. Enter George W. Bush.

Finding their new nuclear cannon of emotion, one can almost hear the hyperventilation of the media anytime there is even a hint of some swirling winds out in the Atlantic. This being the case, Gustav might seem kinda like the second battle of Bull Run. In bated breath the media gathered in mass in New Orleans this past weekend so as to give the world an even closer look at how much Bush hates blacks and the poor. The government this time, in an attempt to actually live up to it's god like expectations also amassed. I am convinced that Bush, seeing that his last opportunity to destroy New Orleans and his Democrat enimeis that live there would again fail, at the last moment diverted the storm to a barren stretch of coastline.


Pat Jenkins said...

oh the disappointment from the left after the aftermath of this storm dw. but they will find another "katrina" before too long. why because they assume the right are racists no matter our actions!!!

Dan said...
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Dan said...

I know Pat, and when they do I won't envy them their joy in seeing others suffer just because their friends, the media, have become adept at turning it into political hay.