Thursday, September 4, 2008

John Who?

For a while there, with the media's coverage of Obam in Europe, it seemed as if he was the president. If that wasn't weird enough, this week with all the charges by the media about Palin's experience, it seems as if it is she who is running for president. I'm convinced that this week, had a person just awoken from a coma, they would swear the historic news this week was that the governor of Alaska had challenged the incumbent Barack Obama for the presidency. I suppose such is the case in the altered reality in which the media lives. But I think that one of the problems the media has had with McCain is that he is a person that they have hated to love; but Palin is a person they love to hate. The latter is much more motivating for meaness, as we have seen.


Kristi said...

Good thing we all have eyebrows. For all of the meanness retaliation.

Nikki said...

YES! It looks like we have a race...and from the rumblings of the Obama camp its gonna be a good one! Nothing like an authentic gal to ruffle some feathers...a sleeping giant has indeed been awakened. :)N

Penless Thoughts said...

McCain is that he is a person that they have hated to love; and Palin is a person they love to hate. So true. They (the press and the nay-sayers and pundits) have meet their match in these two!!!!!

Dan said...

I think the race is pretty much over. The more the Dems fall behind the kookier they'll get.

Thank you. I pondered whether or not it was actually true that McCain was a person that they hated to love. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that it was indeed true.

Mary Lee said...

I hope we don't become an "Obama Nation".