Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The New World Order American Dictionary

The New World Order American Dictionary

Compassion - giving someone else's money to the poor.

Constitution- an archaic and historic but mostly meaningless document upon which judges can inject and attach mechanisms to legislate grand experiments in their attempts to achieve utopia.


Diversity - A process used in hiring workers based on everything other than qualifications for the job. ie, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Environmentalism-The established religion of the United States of America. Of course being "established" tithing is compulsory except that it is called taxation.

Gay-A victim class unique in that it admits white males

Government-An entity representing a bottomless pit of money

Greed-disagreement with Liberals on fiscal policies

Hate-the opinion of a person who disagrees with a Liberal on social issues.

Hate Monger-a person who all can hate guilt-free.

Legislation-a vehicle upon which pork is attached


Moderate-Moderate-Always a Republican and best described as thus: Consider if money were principles. Someone tries to steal a hundred bucks. When caught the thief says "OK I'll only take fifty and we both will be winners; you won't look greedy and I still get something out of the deal. A moderate thinks this is a good idea.

Objective Journalism -these words are mostly obsolete but are still occasionally used by self deluded journalist who are trying to appear objective or to conceal their blatantly obvious bias.

Pork-The purchase of power with other people's money

Poor- Must subsist on dog food in order to pay cable bill

Racist- One who believes that a person should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Separation of Powers- be aware that the meaning of this phrase is somewhat flexible depending on how many branches of government are controlled by Republicans. For example, during the battle over Bush's judge appointments it meant that no party should control all three branches. But now it seems to have shifted back to its original meaning as far as the Legislative and Administrative branches are concerned. There is hope that the Judaical branch will be joining soon.

Social Justice-Some people are fabulously wealthy, some are not. Social Justice is the act of fixing that. It must be noted that the "fixers" are exempt. These would include certain billionaires, media officials, party members and entertainment personnel. The exempted may be as fabulously well to do as they like. Note: These exemptions are not necessarily constrained to wealth, they are also exempt from negative environmental judgements as well.

Special Interest-any grass-roots movement that is conservative. I.e. Planned Parenthood would not be considered one of those evil special interest groups, the "National Right to Life" organisation most definatly is.


Susan said...

One that has been used in the wrong way for so long the original meaning of the word has almost been lost.

Gay - when I was growing up and a young girl meant happy & fun loving. Now of course it means homosexual and I would be at peril to say I have always been a very gay person.

Can't they at least "make-up" their own words and not steal ours?

Dan said...

You are right Susan the old meaning has been lost and perhaps no one who hears the word these days confuses it with "happy". We read old books to our children and it is so odd to read it as it was originally defined. I make it a point to never use the word because I don't think I've ever met a happy homosexual. To tell them God loves them only seems to make that fact worse.

Larry T. Durham said...

"Diversity" - hiring workers based on everything other than qualifications for the job. ie, race, gender, etc.

Dan said...

I will get around to working these in.

Jon said...

How about that, I'm poor! I actually read an article about Warren Buffet's granddaughter who is so poor, she can't afford basic cable. I watch way too much TV with the rabbit ears, there's no way I want cable in my house, whether I could afford it or not!

Dan said...


Hey, I didn't think of that; I'm poor too. But no, you're not poor. I'd say you're free thinking. For better or worse, my wife and I decided to unplug our minds from the machine many years ago.

Perhaps I should say in the post: "can't afford cable TV"; which of course should never be confused with not having cable TV.

Good to hear from you. I'm still checking in over at Tiger now and then but I'm guessing you've got better things to do. What a joy and a miracle to watch your children grow up.

Dan said...

Poor-Must subsist on dog food in order to pay cable bill

OK Jon, we are not poor now nor is such a state possible.

Stan said...

I'll never forget the one my junior high son brought home from school (way back then). "Dad, I learned today the difference between a liberal and a conservative!" "Oh? Tell me." "A liberal wants to help people, and a conservative just wants to keep the good stuff for himself." Must be true. The teacher said so. (You can only imagine the brain-twisting confusion that occurred in my poor son's brain a moment later when I said, "But, son, I'm a conservative.")

Dan said...

It's sad Stan to think of the actual conservative parents who, when confronted with the same thing, don't even realize that they are conservative too.

Jon said...


School will be wrapping up soon, which means I hope to start blogging more again. And we still owe each other a meeting over coffee the next time you are in Denver.

Dan said...

I should be there more often these days, and I was thinking the same. I'll treat.

Dan said...

Believe it or not I think you have a valid point and was considering removing those words for the reasons you so sarcastically and courageously mentioned. however being by nature rebellious against the likes of yourself I think I'll leave them for a little while longer. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog and for exercising your obviously superior grace in the writing of your comment. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace, as you trust in Him. I mean that with the utmost sincerity.