Friday, June 22, 2007


OK so I’ve been tagged by Pat J. Here are seven things about me

1. I went scuba diving on a coral reef off of Cat Island in the Bahamas. I didn’t know they were fragile and probably killed a half mile of it.

2. I did four static line skydives in Jackson GA.

3. I lived on a houseboat for a year and had a sail boat on the same dock.

4. I lost the sailboat off the coast of Georgia when my mask broke after capsizing. The coast guard came out and hovered over my friend and I for awhile, and I could see the rescuer looking down at me shaking his head like I was a moron. Then they flew away and we washed ashore.

5. I spent a month living on San Pedro Island in Belize where I volunteered for an organization called Wings of Hope. while there I had only one free day and I sailed a catamaran from San Pedro Island to Caye Caulker and back. I thought I wasn’t going to make it back before dark and was contemplating beaching on the south end of San Pedro.

6. I flew a Cessna 172 down into and out the side of Mt. St. Helens, and a Piper down into the Grand Canyon before doing so was outlawed.

7. The most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced is being married to my wife and watching my children grow up!


Pat Jenkins said...

dw congrats on the great family, seems as though you are quite the adventurer!! i would love to see some of the pictures from mt. st. helen's, that had to be unforgettable. good stuff!!

Penless Thoughts said...

You are truly an adventurer. Not be!!

Incognito said...

Interesting stuff Danny!!

Anonymous said...

I could probably come up with many more for you but I'll spare you the humility :-)

Watching the horizon disappear below the rim of the canyon was a defining moment in my summer of 86.

Your spot on when it comes to's good to be all grown up.

Anonymous said...

As for sparing Danny further humility, Thank-you Anonymous, thank-you, thank-you!!!

BG's bride

Frasypoo said... sound just like my father-in-law !He has a Cessna something too.He also did skydiving but at Thomaston.It bet it was great at Helen!!
Belize is so beautiful...we' d like to go back.You may need to do a post on your experiences there

Livingsword said...

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