Friday, June 1, 2007

A Debate with "Progressive"

I have been debating the last few days with progressive on his blog Forwardly-Thinking. If you're interested in reading this debate click here.


Progressive said...

DW -

I'd like to thank you for an open debate. My post of 7-1-07 pushes the need for a reemergence of open, public debate. Currently it seems, that is only possible at the grass or net roots. In this debate, the confusion over our views were fleshed out and various issues were discussed. There was no name calling or cheap hits - only playful poking towards the issues at hand. I thank you and hope that those that read either of our pieces take this into consideration. We may disagree strongly on issues, but only after a thoughtful, educated conversation can we move forward to solutions.

- Prog.

Jon said...
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Frasypoo said...

Pretty good reading! Agree with prog,pretty clean argument,makes it fun for a bystander