Wednesday, May 2, 2007

On the Wright Family Education Administration-(WFEA)

My wife and I went to a promotion ceremony last night that was organized by a WFEA accredited homeschool group where our children were officially promoted to the next grade. As I sat in the WFEA approved sanctuary, I was reminded that the whole concept of "grades" was yet another word that I had been trying to eradicate from my vernacular. To be sure, we do tell our children what grade they're supposedly in so that they can relate with the world on its level of thinking, but the WFEA does not in any way, shape, or form see the children placed within its care through the lens of a one size fits all "grade level". Our children, like all children, are marvelously complex in their abilities, needs, learning styles, attention requirements, etc., etc., and so on; and the WFEA adapts the curriculum, hours of study, and a whole host of other variables to meet each student's specific needs.

One would think that the WFEA would be a good model for the DOE, but sadly it is not, for the DOE I do believe has been hi-jacked by the NEA, the ACLU, the ASCS, and anybody and everybody else that is sufficiently anti-Christ and thinks they know a thing or two about raising our children. But never fear, for the WFEA is well versed in all the subjects important to these groups. It might even be said that perhaps the WFEA is a little too well versed on subjects like so-called: Global Warming, Earth Worship, Evolution, Diversity, Tolerance and Islam to name a few. Rest assured; if there's a hot button subject out there, the WFEA is teaching it with clarity. And not only this but as an added bonus, the WFEA also teaches reading, writing and math; and all of this at the low low price of zero dollars to the American tax-payer. Furthermore, since we still have to pay the taxes that would have otherwise been spent on government employee's generous pensions, that should be at least a couple of bake sales that can be foregone in the ever-present funding activities of the current governmental "education system".

Many criticize administrations like the WFEA as being intolerant, narrow-minded, and anti-social. They insist that children should be sent out of the home and into an environment with their peers under the tutelage of a gagged teacher in a system where all religion except Secular Humanism, and its BFF, Islam, is not tolerated so that they can learn to be more tolerant. But I'm not feeling the "tolerance". So instead I've decided to include tolerance, not stupidity, instead.

In the WFEA approved schoolhouse, our children will learn how to seek wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and virtue according to the last few thousand years' understanding of those terms instead of last years' fluid and ever-morphing understanding. Character is a central theme in the WFEA as well, character that is also based on something besides last month's cause-celeb fads. Meaning in life beyond YOLO, or get-all-the-material-stuff-you-can-get-and-flaunt-it-for-all-it's-worth-while-you've got-it meaning. Gender rolls 101,202,303 and 404 will also be demonstrated and taught. Failure will also be an ongoing subject as the administrators fail before the students and demonstrate, as best they can, humility, perseverance, patience with self and each other as well as forgiveness.

In short, I think that the WFEA is one of the best schools anywhere, and it's not alone. Schools just like it dot the countryside. There's probably one between you and that fenced-in compound known as the statist school just down the street. But you'd never know it, and you could create one to your own liking as well... if you wanted to.

I know that there are many fine and wonderful people who slug it out day in and day out inside the belly of the beast which is the modern day government run education system. This post is not in any way meant to slight those honest and hard-working individuals. My hat is off to you all, God-speed.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you could use a little education in punctuation and sentence structure.

danny wright said...


Yes, but did you notice how much I know about love and tolerance?

Besides I've already put in a requests with the publications department (WFDOP) for a WFDOC Form-2468706b Request for Communique Correction, but I have to be honest, I don't think it was a good sign when the head of that department looked up from her bacon and eggs and said "what in the Sam Hill are you talking about"?

janelle said...

Good one Danny, as usual. This time I actually got it. :-D

MamaD said...

Great blog post.

Hysterical comment. (Did you ever receive Form-2468706b? I have an extra from the DFDOP so you could just white out the D and put in a W if you'd like?!)

danny wright said...

No I didn't. Actually, unbeknownst to me, the head of the WFDOP had power I wasn't aware of and she reassigned me to the ASF (Agency of Sanitation and Refuse).

Nancy said...

Danny...Kate L. Turabian has written A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (sixth edition)

Why might she need six (6) editions?...Just a thought...