Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Peaceful Advances, Violent Losses

The history of socialism is not a pretty one. Its path through history is strewn with hundreds of thousands of bodies. To be sure, those that consider themselves socialist seem to be nice enough people as long as they find themselves in the majority, and so are not only in power but are advancing a socialist agenda against freedom, but they don’t seem to handle setbacks very well as the aftermath of the elections in France will attest. Amazingly, it has been socialist organizations that have organized and funded most, if not all of the anti-war and anti-American protest around the world, ostensibly due to their pacifist inclinations, but one would be hard-pressed to conclude very much passivity as they watch flames leaping from their car.

It is imperative that the French, as well as the rest of the free world see this for what it is, which is an attack on freedom. The nation was warned that if things didn't go a certain way in the then up-coming election, there would be consequences, and the resulting minority made good on their promise. It's important to consider that these things are not done by the entire minority but a very few. The masses that make up the minority, one would hope, understand the concept of democracy sufficiently to realize that there is always the possibility of finding oneself in the less powerful minority party. There should also be a realization and solace for the minority party at this point in the importance and meaning of the word "republic". However for those hungry and lustful for unlimited power who also have been gratifying that lust unabated for some time, the meaning of such a word is probably minimized, and offers little if any solace; for their objective was never the betterment of the republic as much as it was the betterment of themselves. This thinking lends itself to some degree to the reasons behind their ability to trample on the rights of others by making threats and destroying property if the gratification of that lust is threatened. For those members of the now minority not so disposed to create chaos and burn their neighbor’s car to the ground because their ideals didn't win in the marketplace of ideals, it is time to wake up and realize just exactly the kind of thinking that they have attached themselves to.

It is my fear that if the socialist tide here in the U.S. is ever seriously threatened we will face the same or even worse. We are a nation medicated by entertainment and soothed into complacency by the nanny state "safety net" to the point that we don't even notice the socialist agenda attached to it. My question is this: what is going to happen when this culture of death society, devoid of a moral compass is told that the federal coffers are empty as the Ponzi-scheme that is our current welfare state finally reaches its inevitable conclusion?


lorenzothellama said...

I really don't understand what you are saying. Are you seriously suggesting that Socialists do not understand that much over-used word 'freedom'. You forget that Britain has a 'socialist' prime minister, who together with your president, brought war to Iraq and Afganistan. What sort of freedom was it for those countries or any other country that arrogant politicians want to get their hands on in the cause of 'righteousness'.

I spent a few days in Paris last week and what a charming, polite, laid back people they are. Why is it that America has got it in for France? Is it just because they wouldn't back our two countries in the Iraq war? There was a lot of opposition to the war in Britain from mostly (dare I say it) socialists. It will certainly lose Tony Blair the next election, or Gordon Brown if he is p.m. then.

It is always dangerous to generalise, and I know I am as guilty of doing it as the next person. However, do feel free to check out my blog site. Can't quite remember how I found yours, but isn't it fun meeting new people through blog?

danny wright said...


I don't have to say it, history proclaims it quite well along with the trampling of freedoms by socialist. It is a testimony however to the luxuries, while they last, of western life that you are able to proclaim the word freedom overused.

As to your socialist prime minister, do you contend that a replay of France would not occur in Great Britain should the conservative party find themselves in the majority? Perhaps not, but I doubt it. As to Afghanistan and Iraq, am I to believe that you would have no contention with our president and his policies if the US had not gone to war. If one were from another planet He might be inclined to think this one a tranquil and peaceful planet until Bush woke up one morning and decided-out of thin air-to attack another country. There does seem to be a case of selective amnesia here. I must say, this tactic is so old and tiresome. There you are debating abortion or some other issue in the arena of ideals and then suddenly out of nowhere here it comes, like a nuclear bomb: "well Bush attacked Iraq"! I honestly don't get it. I can't remember all this vitriol from the left when President Clinton bombed Iraq, but of course he was a socialist.

As for your visit to France, your argument is anecdotal. One could probably have said the same thing about Berlin in 1939.

I still insist, that even if President Bush, like Saddam Hussein, ordered the Military to gas entire towns of dissenters, my post would still be true concerning the behavior of socialist.

Thank you for visiting and your civility. Thank you even more for commenting; enjoy your brother's retirement party in Spain, and God Bless.

janelle said...

Thought provoking post, yet again you do a great job. What is interesting to me, though, is the amount of socialistic thought that is still in the US; the most obvious being social security. And, one of the most loved and "great" Presidents was pretty much a socialist (FDR.)

Social security isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and FDR, though controversial, will remain one of the more intelligent politicians.

Incognito said...

Indeed they can be incredibly nasty when faced with failure.

And Lorenzo LLamas..I think most people "have had it in for France" since the establishment of the Vichy regime. They have always been viewed as lacking courage, and with good reason. And I thought Tony Blair was done with politics. But what do I know.

I'm not sure the same thing will happen here. At least the riots etc. We don't have as large a community of dispossessed Muslim immigrants that will torch cars. Thank God. And they are rioting because they are now, God forbid, faced with having to get a job rather than being supported by a welfare state that Sarko wants to reform.

lorenzothellama said...

Oo not quite sure what to say! I'm pretty sure that Hitler, Mussalini and Saddam weren't Socialists, in fact I dare to suggest they might have been a tad right wing! Why have you suddenly bought abortion in? It's not just right wing people who find abortion abhorant.

I guess I'm just a pacificist and I hate the thought of force, whether it is mental cruelty, torture or full blown war. I just feel that nothing can justify war. Whatever Saddam did was not the fault of the innocent children and Iraqi people who are now under fire from insurgants. But there again, I don't believe in the death penalty. I have worked for Amnesty International and have written dozens of letters in the past, including letters to various States, begging for compassion to the accused, but that's a whole new can of worms. Maybe we could have a debate on that one day?

Incognito: Actually my name is lorenzo the llama. Not sure who Lorenzo Llamas is, although I have seen him on Google. How can you say that about the French!!?? How many do you know? They are charming people. I know they are supposed the be the arch-enemies of the British but in my experience of knowing many, many French, and having spent fantastic holidays there, I have nothing but praise for them. I know they can be annoying at times with their shrugs and their laid-back attitude, but the pace of life in France is so much easier, certainly than in London and I suspect in much of the USA. I always come home from France feeling relaxed and happy.

Off to Spain in the morning with Maalie so I will give your blog a miss for a week or so, but I will be back. You have been warned!!

God Bless.

danny wright said...

Are you reading my post and response or just scanning them? The point of my post was that there was violence in France because of setbacks to Socialist advancements. I then linked socialist with pacifist, a point you just confirmed, then highlighted the hypocrisy of those who claim to be pacifist and their actions, both in current and historical events. Your answer is nonsensical as it refers to my point, other than to assume that I am in favor of the wars in the middle east I guess, then to attack my credibility on those grounds.

I think you have committed two logical fallacies here; "The Red Herring" and "Ad Hominem".

I am sincerely grateful that you stopped by, and even more so that you commented. If you disagree with the point of this post, refute it. I am a student of life, and as such am willing to be persuaded by sound argument.

May the God that you have asked to bless me also protect you in your travels to Spain.

lorenzothellama said...

Really Danny you are getting me so muddled now. Are you or are you not in favour of the war in Iraq. Maybe it's just the different use of language between American and English speakers, but I find your answer really confusing.
I think to say that I attack your credibility is a bit strong. Come on Danny, when did I say or hint that.
Are you a pacifist or not? If not, and I really can't work out from your comments, is there something wrong with being a pacifist? Maybe this is just a man and woman thing.
Thanks for your good wishes for my trip to Spain. Much appreciated.

danny wright said...
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Incognito said...

Oops, Sorry Lorenzo the Llama.. forgive the mistake.

First of all, I didn't say I personally disliked the French. I was merely pointing out the reason why many dislike the french, including many liberals in this country. The Parisians have a tendency to be somewhat arrogant and they give the French a bad name. Even the rest of France would tend to agree. I actually do have some lovely French friends who adore the U.S. and Bush, believe it or not. They are also very aware of the importance of preventing the Islamists from gaining control of their country.

And I do think you misread Danny's comment. He was merely using the 'abortion' issue as an example, to further a point he was trying to make.

I don't think anyone loves war, but sometimes there is a need for it.
Safe journey.

danny wright said...

In response to your question about my position on the war in Iraq; I’m afraid my answer is to nuanced to give a simple yes or no answer here; perhaps I will write a post on it soon. As to whether or not I’m a pacifist, this is even more difficult. I think you might need to clarify which meaning you are attaching to the word. ( BTW there is a great post on this at:


let me know what you think) I’m not trying to avoid your questions here, but I really can’t see how their answers pertain to my post.

As to the attacking of my credibility, is was only a notion that I was advancing as to why you brought the wars in the Middle East into this discussion. Go back and read it again and see if you agree. If you don’t, then I will chalk it up to the inevitable communication challenges of the written word. Suffice it to say if you could have “heard” those words they would not have seemed strong at all.

Also sorry I haven’t gotten to your blog yet, I plan to visiting soon.

Beth said...

I think it's interesting that in two recent national elections -- Mexico and France -- socialist candidates were beaten by conservative candidates. Will the trend continue? I wonder why the socialists think this has occurred. As a conservative, I think it's because socialist policies have failed. Granted, both elections were close.